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Seven Tips for Moving in Winter Weather

Moving in Winter WeatherWe hate to be the bearers of bad news but winter is coming…and that means moving in the cold, rain, snow and ice. Moving is hard in nice weather, but when it’s miserable outside the challenge is magnified. In order to successfully move in the winter movers have to be prepared for all conditions and customers have to have a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

Settling In After Your Move Means More Than Unpacking

Settling in After Your MoveThe other day I was helping a friend plan his move. When I mentioned setting aside some time to settle in to his new home, he immediately responded that he can unpack at his leisure and dawned on me that a lot of people think settling in simply means unpacking. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Settling in after moving is so much more than unpacking. What about your utilities, and making friends and registering to vote and, and, and …

Four Lessons in Unpacking

If mFour Lessons in Unpackingy packing and moving experience was extremely frustrating, the unpacking part can be labeled as moderately aggravating. However, I’m fully aware that this is simply because of my haphazard and disorganized starting point.

Since I hadn’t been smart about packing my belongings, nothing was organized. Therefore, I was unable to find the essentials in those first few days, which meant that everything was pulled out of bags and boxes – and then strewn about the apartment.  This made my search for bath towels and a toothbrush an epic game of hide and go seek  – and the simple task of taking a shower made my entire home appear as if it had been hit by a tornado. Naturally, the dogs had a field day chewing shoes, clothes and picture frames that had yet to find their respectable places.