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Should You Move? 5 Easy Questions to Get Your Answer

Should You Move

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Today’s post is a guest post by Jonas Murphy, General Manager for Canadian General Contractors Group (CGC) in Calgary. In addition to managing home remodels, Jonas blogs about housing, renovation and even moving. Without further ado…

As experts that regularly build and renovate new homes for Canada’s residents, we’ve become quite familiar with the many reasons people have for moving. But how do you know if you’re moving for the right reasons? By asking yourself the 5 questions below, you can quickly find out whether moving is an ideal choice for you right now. 

How to Organize Your Kitchen

how to organize your kitchenThe boxes are unpacked, the furniture is arranged (for the most part) and I am starting to realize that I am not just on vacation and that this house that I’ve been working in for the past week and a half is actually my home. Sometimes a move takes a while to get used to and, since my move to Florida was the biggest move I’ve ever made, I am noticing that more and more every day. But, as I continue to remind myself that I live here, I allow thoughts of decorating and organizing to flood my brain. I thought I would be most excited to set up my home office and the guest room, since my boyfriend gave me permission to claim those rooms as my own, but it turns out that my inner foodie wins again. I have been giddy with excitement over setting up my kitchen. The kitchen is important. So, what’s the best way to set it up?

Things to Consider When Moving in With Your Significant Other

Valentine's DayHappy Valentine’s Day! I know I’m a few days early but the thought of heart shaped chocolates and candy has me all excited already. In the spirit of love, let’s talk about living with your significant other. Whether you have already moved in together, or are thinking about doing so, there are some things you should consider.

How to Design Your Home Online (for free!) with Make Room

Moving is a fresh start. You’re in a new city, maybe you have a new job, you’re surrounded by new people and, of course, you’re in a new home. Unpacking can be quite the chore, but decorating should be fun!

Urban Barn, a contemporary furniture store in Canada, offers the chance for you to “be your own interior decorator” with their Make Room tool. The Make Room allows you to map out your entire living space using just the click of a mouse. Depending on what you need – a single room or an entire floor plan – this instrument serves as a great guide to interior decorating.