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Are Pet Expenses Tax Deductible?


I’ve posted in the past about tax deductible moving expenses. The post discusses which incurred costs are deductible if you move for work related reasons. For example, if specific requirements regarding timing, distance moved and Are pet expenses tax deductible?length of employment are met, certain travel expenses, household goods transportation, storage, and utility set up fees may be eligible for deduction on your tax return. If I am being totally honest though, I never considered whether or not pet fees could be deducted. Last week, a colleague of mine sent over an article that answered the question I didn’t even know I had: “Are pet expenses tax deductible?”

Seven Tips for Moving in Winter Weather

Moving in Winter WeatherWe hate to be the bearers of bad news but winter is coming…and that means moving in the cold, rain, snow and ice. Moving is hard in nice weather, but when it’s miserable outside the challenge is magnified. In order to successfully move in the winter movers have to be prepared for all conditions and customers have to have a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

Don’t Forget! 5 Often Forgotten Moving Day To-Do’s

Don't ForgetIt’s moving day! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and you’re movers are going to arrive any moment…are you ready?

Most people only move once or twice in their lifetime, so it’s normal that moving day is a mystery to a lot of people. No matter how prepared people are, there are always some issues that are bound to come up. So, how can you guarantee a smooth move? Don’t forget the important stuff. Below are five things you should do on moving day.

Pet Proof Your New Home to Stay Stress Free

Recently, I’ve been writing about my trials and tribulations while moving. So, when it came to finally decorating my apartment, I wanted do it right. I mentioned in a past post that my nine year old Beagle presented some challenges during my move, but I failed to mention that I also have a much younger, eight month old puppy named Gus. And Gus likes to get in trouble. All. The. Time.

Moving for the First Time? Three Moving Tips from a Beginner

Hey all! Paige here. Do you remember the first time you ever moved? Or, are you moving for the first time yourself? ‘Tis the season of new grads, new jobs. new beginnings and…moving! In fact,  XONEX Relocation, a third party relocation services company, recently hired new graduate Rebecca McKinney. Becky graduated from the University of Delaware, so she’s no stranger to these parts, but she did have to officially move all of her belongings (beyond the dorm room) from New York to Wilmington. Since there are lots of people out there moving for the first time, I thought it would be fun to have Becky share some lessons learned based on her first-time experience. Here is her story, in her own words.