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Five Ways to Unwind After Your Move


Settling-In After MovingThe sun is setting, the moving truck just pulled back out of your driveway, and you’re now faced with unpacking and organizing your new home. At first you’re really excited! You’ve got all these ideas floating around in your head about what will go where and how you want to decorate. But then, all of a sudden, sheer exhaustion slaps you in the face. You are beat and who could blame you? Obviously you’ll need to get to the unpacking process soon, but it’s okay to take some time to chill first.

Settling In After Your Move Means More Than Unpacking

Settling in After Your MoveThe other day I was helping a friend plan his move. When I mentioned setting aside some time to settle in to his new home, he immediately responded that he can unpack at his leisure and dawned on me that a lot of people think settling in simply means unpacking. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Settling in after moving is so much more than unpacking. What about your utilities, and making friends and registering to vote and, and, and …

The Top 5 Must-See Attractions for Families Moving to Philadelphia

Top 5 Attractions for Families Moving to PhiladelphiaSettling-in after moving can be a stressful process for families. We find that finding fun things to do in your new town can jump start the process by getting your family excited about all the cool new places to explore. Our Pennsylvania movers move a lot of people in and out of the Philadelphia metro market, so we thought it would be fun to have a guest post on fun and interesting things to do in Philadelphia.

The following post was written by Philip J Reed on behalf of Richmond American Homes, building new homes in Philadelphia Metro.

How to Find Your Local Post Office

How to Find Your Local Post OfficeAfter you move to a new city or town, it can take a while to learn your way around. But there are a few staples that you’ll want to figure out right away – and finding your post office is one of them. For example, you’ll want to know where the closest post office is as soon as you can. There are actually several very easy ways to figure this out.