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Pet Dander in Your New Pet Free Home

GusI’m a huge animal lover. My dog, Gus, thinks he’s a human and that’s probably because I treat him like one. Yes, I will admit, I’m one of those people. He sleeps in my bed with me and claims a spot on the couch whenever I’m watching TV. This doesn’t create a problem for me (although I do clean and sweep constantly). It does, however, create a problem for my visitors with allergies.

I usually send Gus to my neighbor’s home for the weekend when my allergy-addled friends visit. This way, my vigorous cleaning spree can have at least some impact. Unfortunately, though, it’s never enough. My friends still find themselves stuffed up with red eyes.

This got me thinking, do people suffer from pet allergies if they move into a home that once housed a furry friend? The answer is a resounding, “yes!”