Five Ways to Unwind After Your Move


Settling-In After MovingThe sun is setting, the moving truck just pulled back out of your driveway, and you’re now faced with unpacking and organizing your new home. At first you’re really excited! You’ve got all these ideas floating around in your head about what will go where and how you want to decorate. But then, all of a sudden, sheer exhaustion slaps you in the face. You are beat and who could blame you? Obviously you’ll need to get to the unpacking process soon, but it’s okay to take some time to chill first.

Must Have Packing Supplies


must have packing suppliesI have moved at least once a year every year for the past seven years and I’ve gone from a complete amateur to somewhat of a pro, if I do say so myself. A friend of mine is moving out of her apartment and into a house she just purchased and asked if I could help her pack. I know that most people groan at the idea of helping somebody move, but I am an organization nerd and was eager to say yes. Besides, she didn’t ask me to help on moving day; she just wants a little help with the packing process. Sold. Anyway, I asked if she needed me to pick up any supplies on my way over but she told me that she was all set. “Just bring some wine if you’ve got any!” she said.

Moving Day Reminders


You’ve researched, planned, organized, coordinated, and packed and moving day has finally arrived. Are you ready?

Whether you are looking at your first move or your fifteenth, there are always some issues that are bound to come up. However, a smooth move is still a totally attainable goal as long as you remember the important stuff. Below are five important moving day reminders to remember on the big day.

Military Moving


Military MovingMy best friend Malcolm has been in the Army for just about five years and is currently preparing to move to a new base before heading out on his fourth deployment. I am so grateful for his service, and the service provided by all of our country’s military men and women. In fact, there is nothing more important to all of us here at Holman than taking care of our military heroes so today I thought I would share some information on Military Moving .

Landlord Negotiations


Landlord NegotiationsI’ve mentioned before that Matt and I are beginning to save up for a house. While I’m excited about that goal, we still need to rent our current apartment in the meantime and our lease renewal is right around the corner. I’ve been chatting a lot with neighbors about the new management company in charge of maintaining our development and have picked up some interesting tidbits of information through the grapevine. Management isn’t telling anybody, but as people move out, they are fully renovating each apartment to stay competitive with the luxury apartments that just went up down the street. They’re removing the carpet and putting in new hardwood floors, replacing the countertops and appliances, adding in a beautiful backsplash behind the stoves, and replacing the shelving units in the bathrooms. That’s a lot of upgrades! It got me thinking … well it got me thinking that I want all of those upgrades in my apartment and that it isn’t fair that I’ll be paying the same rent for fewer amenities. Enter negotiation skills. How and when is it appropriate to negotiate rent with your landlord once you’ve been living somewhere for over a year?

Important Tips for Moving With Kids


Important Tips for Moving With KidsMoving is a big life change for everybody involved and it can be easy to get wrapped up in your own head and your own to-do list. While it is important to stay organized, prepare, and remain calm for yourself, it’s even more important to keep your little ones in mind during the entire move process. In all honesty, there is no one answer on how to handle moving with kids because every child will react differently to the idea depending on their age, their social life, and their perception of the situation. Some will be excited about a new house, a new room, a new school and new friends. But, more often than not, kids struggle with the idea of leaving everything they know behind to start over somewhere else. So what can you do? Below are four important tips for moving with kids.

Top 5 Things to Remember When Moving Abroad


Top 5 Things to Remember When Moving AbroadGreetings from Tuscany! I am traveling through Italy and Spain over the next couple of weeks and enjoying every last drop of this Tuscan sun before moving on to Barcelona. I’ve only been here for a few days but I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve said “I could definitely live here.” While I have no official plans to move to Europe (a girl can dream, right?), there are tons of people who really do have those plans! Moving to a new country is very different than moving to the next town over so today I want to share five of the most important things to remember when moving abroad.

Five Great Things About Moving

Five Great Things About MovingWe talk all the time about the stresses of moving and tips on how to make a move easier on you and your family. But there are so many wonderful things about moving and starting over that often get swept under the rug in all the craziness. Staying positive is such an important piece of advice for those in the process of moving so in honor of that golden rule, I thought it would be fun to share five really great things about moving.

Summer Moving Season and the Move for Hunger Initiative


Holman Moving Moves for HungerMemorial Day is next week, which means the official start of the busy summer moving season is next week as well. We will be sharing helpful moving tips and tricks all season long but I wanted to kick it off with a reminder about one of our favorite initiatives, Move for Hunger. The summer moving season is the perfect time to take advantage of this amazing initiative and help those in need in your local communities.

Where Are College Graduates Moving?


Where are College Graduates MovingLast week we talked about how college graduations were right around the corner and how many new graduates would be considering relocation offers for the start of their career. Well, over the weekend, a lot of those graduations commenced and now recent grads are preparing to move out of their college bubble and into the real world. There have been a ton of articles in the local papers lately about how young professionals are flocking to the South Tampa and Saint Petersburg area in Florida and it got me wondering, where else are Millennials moving? Specifically, where are these new college graduates moving now that they’ve completed their education?