Four Lessons for Renter Predicaments



Last week I mentioned that Matt and I had to move because of some structural damage to our current apartment. It IMG_3290was a hassle to say the least but ended on a positive note. However, I think there’s an important lesson in our story and if you are a renter, you need to hear it. Now, I don’t know your landlord or property management so I can’t speak to his/her/their character and moral compass, but it’s safe to say that as a renter, you always need to know your rights. If you ever find yourself in a situation in which you are forced to move due to circumstances beyond your control (and in control of the owner of your apartment), you have a strong leg to stand on in terms of what needs to be done for you.

A New Packing Tip for Your Move



Last week, Matt and I were caught off guard when the ceiling over our screened in porch collapsed all over our patio furniture (luckily nobody was hurt!). After the shock wore off and we got in touch with our property manager, we A New Packing Tip for Your Movelearned that the entire roof over our third floor apartment was in pretty terrible condition and needed some major construction. Because of the nature and severity of the project, we were given 72 hours to move into a new apartment for the remainder of our lease. The negotiations that took place because of this situation are a topic for another day but today I want to talk packing. Recently, Paige and I were talking about general move and packing tips and she brought up a really great point that I had never heard of before. We usually talk about packing up your home one room at a time and labeling each box according to the room the items came from, right? But what about labeling boxes according to the room in which they will be unpacked?

Tax Deductible Moving Expense



Did you move for work in 2015? There are tons of different reasons to move to a new city but I think it’s safe to say Tax Deductible Moving Expensesthat one of the most popular reasons to move is for a job, whether it’s a new job or a relocation through a current job. While moving for work can often be stressful – it’s not easy to balance your job responsibilities, packing, finding a new home, and your family – there is one very important (and helpful) thing you absolutely must remember. If you moved for work, some of your moving expenses may be tax deductible.

A Lesson in Property Auctions



A while ago I mentioned that Matt and I are saving up to buy our first house. As we aim to reach that goal this upcoming fall, I have been spending a lot of time researching the housing market in Saint Petersburg, FL, scoping out different neighborhoods, and making lists of non-negotiables, budgets, and details that we should keep in mind Home-Auctionwhen the time comes to make an offer. Over the weekend, during one of my online fantasy house hunts, I found the most perfect home. The house is a bungalow style home in our first choice neighborhood with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large fenced in backyard, and a small but sweet front covered deck. I was about to call my Realtor when I noticed that instead of a listed price, the home was up for auction.

Oregon and South Carolina: Top Moving Destinations



It’s that time of year again: time to break down United Van Lines’ annual National Movers Study. Every year, for 39 years in a row now, United Van Lines conducts this survey in order to uncover migration patterns from state to state United Van Linesin the US. It’s always interesting to learn where people are moving from as well as where they are moving to. In the 2014 survey, Oregon held the title for “Top Moving Destination” for the second year in a row while the northeast experienced quite an exodus for reasons such as retirement and relocation (though in my opinion, it’s the cold that pushed people away). Now that 2015 has come to a complete close, let’s check out what this year’s survey has to say.

Moving Dreams



I just spent an amazing long weekend in San Jose, California. My friend was relocated there for work a few months ago and has been raving about it ever since. She told me all about her experience living on the west coast and even Moving Dreamsadmitted that she doesn’t think she ever wants to leave. Of course, this led to a discussion about our favorite US cities. I absolutely love Saint Petersburg in Florida but it’s still fun to think, where would we move to if we could just pick up and go?

How to Move Wine



Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to take on 2016 stronger than ever. I spent the holidays up in New York with my family and it appears that they know me quite well. Between relatives and my fiancé (Matt and I got engaged a few weeks ago!), I was gifted 15 different bottles of wine and how to move winechampagne. I obviously could not fly back to Florida with over a case of wine so I am having it all shipped down in the next week or so. But, what happens when you move? How do you properly pack, ship and store your beloved collection? It’s important to use care when moving your wine because as Paige says “Moving and wine are enemies.”

Happy Holidays!



As we come to the close of 2015, we just wanted to wish a very happy holiday and wonderful New Year to you and happy holidaysyour family. May your holiday be bright and full of love, happiness, and joy.



For those of you moving during this time, our gift to you is a collection of some of our favorite posts to help get you through your move:



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Thank you all for another amazing year. See you in 2016!

How to Make Your New House a Home Before Christmas



I cannot believe that Christmas is next week! I know we say it every year but the year really flew by, didn’t it? It feels like every year passes even more quickly than the last. I am heading up to New York to be with my family over the Make your house a home before Christmasholiday next week and I am thankful for that. But I also know that many of you are in the midst of a big move and may be celebrating in a less familiar home this year. I am a BIG fan of the holiday season and tend to go all out in terms of Christmas cheer so today I want to share with you how to make your new house a home before Christmas arrives next Friday.

Seven Tips for Moving in the Winter


So, don’t hate me because I’m in Florida but, I know that up north, winter is in full effect and that means moving in the cold, rain, snow and ice. Moving is hard in nice weather, but when it’s miserable outside the challenge is Moving in Winter Weathermagnified. In order to successfully move in the winter movers have to be prepared for all conditions and customers have to have a clear understanding of their responsibilities.