Household Cleaning with Vinegar


cleaning with vinegarSeveral weeks ago I wrote a post about the five effective household cleaners you probably already have. Today I want to focus on one of those in particular. White vinegar may just be an absolute miracle worker. My boyfriend and I are making our final preparations to move out of Tampa and into St. Petersburg so I have been spending a ton of time cleaning to make sure we get our security deposit back. After having success with the vinegar and dishwasher trick listed in the post mentioned above, I decided to check out Pinterest to see what other secrets were out there.

How to Pick the Perfect Home


How to Pick the Perfect Home 1

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Today’s post is a guest post by Kal Elfarro, General Manager for Canadian General Contractors Group (CGC) in Ottawa. In addition to managing home remodels, Kal blogs about housing, renovation and even moving. 

Every year, we help Canadian homeowners turn their houses into perfect abodes. Throughout our many years of experience, we’ve noticed a continuous pattern of what features are the most important and desirable in a home. If you’re hunting for a new place, try using our handy guide below to ensure that you pick the house that will satisfy your needs.

Foreclosure versus Short Sale


foreclosure versus short saleBuying a home is no easy task. It takes a lot of work to find a home that suits your needs and preferences let alone your budget. Going with a foreclosure or short sale property can be a great way to save money on a wonderful home, but it’s important to know the difference between the
two as well as the challenges you may be faced with.

How to Consider a Relocation Offer


Consider a relo offerWe talk a lot about relocating for work and how to understand the benefits that an employer offers for such circumstances. Recently, a good friend of mine was offered an amazing opportunity to help expand her company to the west coast. If accepted, she would move to California, be promoted, receive a salary increase, and get the chance to work side by side with top executives. She’s always wanted to move to California since a lot of her family is already there and she had been working hard to prove she was right for the job. Here’s the catch, her company doesn’t offer any relocation assistance. The entire move from Delaware to California would be out of pocket and on her own time. That changes what would have been a no brainer to a pretty tough decision.

Happy Labor Day!


Labor DayAfter a very hectic and busy summer, Labor Day is the moving industry’s first sign of deceleration. But Labor Day is much more than that of course.
Labor Day is a day meant to recognize and celebrate the contributions that employees have made to the organizations they work for and the communities they live in.
Thank you to everyone at Holman Moving Systems for their hard work (this summer and every day) and to our customers for making it another great season. We hope everyone has a lovely, restful and well-earned holiday.

Happy Labor Day!

Should You Move? 5 Easy Questions to Get Your Answer

Should You Move

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Today’s post is a guest post by Jonas Murphy, General Manager for Canadian General Contractors Group (CGC) in Calgary. In addition to managing home remodels, Jonas blogs about housing, renovation and even moving. Without further ado…

As experts that regularly build and renovate new homes for Canada’s residents, we’ve become quite familiar with the many reasons people have for moving. But how do you know if you’re moving for the right reasons? By asking yourself the 5 questions below, you can quickly find out whether moving is an ideal choice for you right now. 

Move for Hunger

Move for HungerHolman Moving Moves for HungerSocial media is great for so many reasons. It’s perfect for staying in touch with friends both near and far, it’s great for storing photos and videos and sharing them, it’s helpful for business both new and old AND it’s a great way to spread awareness and raise money for a good cause. Those of you who are active on social media may have seen videos of friends and coworkers recently completing the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to help strike out ALS. While there are varying opinions on the validity of the challenge, the statistics speak for themselves. Since July 29 of this year, donations to the ALS Association have reached 13.3 million dollars, up from 1.7 million dollars during the same time period last year. That’s incredible! Reading about the statistics and the challenge, and participating myself, got me thinking more about another cause worthy of recognition. Move for Hunger has been near and dear to our hearts here at Holman for years now and I thought today would be just as good a day as any to give it some attention.

Five Effective Household Cleaners You Probably Already Have

cleaning home tipsYou never truly appreciate a clean home until you’re in charge of cleaning it yourself. But cleaning it yourself is a chore that never actually feels complete, especially when you have a dog. Constant cleaning can lead to extra expenses which, if we’re being honest, make us resent the chore even more than we already do. I’ve learned a few tricks along the way however that have helped make the process simpler and cheaper.

Five Helpful Articles on Moving With (Very Young) Children

Moving with Young ChildrenA couple of years ago I wrote a post on how to move with children. Last week, my brother Ryan made the decision to move with his son, Jacob, into a smaller apartment. Jacob will be two in September so he isn’t exactly at an age where he can be helpful during the packing process and he’s pretty much happy anywhere as long as somebody, anybody, is playing with him, which makes our advice on honesty and being inclusive somewhat moot. Moving on your own with a two year old, or any child really, is not an easy task so today I thought I’d collect some helpful advice for those taking on the challenge.

Three Common Mistakes Renters Make

mistakes renters makeAs I pour over rental listings yet again I am making a mental checklist of questions to ask and details to check. While renting a home is much less complicated than buying one, that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain errors that can lead to major financial losses and credit score hits, not to mention headaches. It’s important for renters, especially first time renters, to be aware of tips, tricks, and steps to take to help avoid common mistakes.