Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving! This is the time of year to be with family, friends, and loved ones and to reflect on all we are grateful for. It’s also the time of year to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate.  At Holman we are grateful for the opportunity to work with an amazing organization that does just that. Move for Hunger is one of the nation’s largest, year round service programs. They team with movers around the country to collect unwanted non-perishable pantry items (that are usually more expensive to move than to replace anyway) and deliver them to local food banks.


Additionally, we are always very grateful for our hard working and dedicated staff and for our loyal friends and customers. We hope that you all have a very happy, safe, and delicious Thanksgiving.

How to Downsize Before Your Move


My parents just built their retirement home! While they aren’t retiring for another few years, they are anxious to De-cluttering your home for movingmove into their new house and they’re excited to start this next chapter in their lives. I grew up in my parents’ home, a farmhouse about an hour north of Manhattan. The house sits on 2 acres of land on a small lake and includes a small cottage that my parents rent out to other locals. The property includes the house itself, the cottage, a one car garage, and a barn that was converted into my father’s workshop downstairs and my brother and my playroom upstairs. Now that my brother and I are both grown and living on our own, the house is too big for our mom and dad.

Are Pet Expenses Tax Deductible?


I’ve posted in the past about tax deductible moving expenses. The post discusses which incurred costs are deductible if you move for work related reasons. For example, if specific requirements regarding timing, distance moved and Are pet expenses tax deductible?length of employment are met, certain travel expenses, household goods transportation, storage, and utility set up fees may be eligible for deduction on your tax return. If I am being totally honest though, I never considered whether or not pet fees could be deducted. Last week, a colleague of mine sent over an article that answered the question I didn’t even know I had: “Are pet expenses tax deductible?”

When Should a Renter Become a Homeowner?



These days, renting is no longer necessarily the cheaper option. In fact, renters today pay the highest monthly charges in history and so far there is no sign of the cost going down. As rents continue to rise, more and more people are beginning to think about buying a home in an effort to save money. But with overpriced rental charges on top of day to day expenses, many renters find themselves strapped for cash when it comes time to think about a down

When should renters become homeowners?

Source: Savvy Sugar

payment. Did you know that non-homeowners spend an average of 30 percent of their monthly income on rent? Did you know that the average homeowner only spends about 15 percent of their monthly income on their mortgages? That’s a pretty crazy statistic. It’s no wonder more people want to own. But the issue isn’t whether or not people want to buy, it’s whether or not they can afford to do so. Buying a home is one of life’s greatest financial decisions so it’s important to be sure about the decision from all aspects, including the cost.

How to Pack and Store Your Summer Clothes



Packing for MovingWell guys, it’s official. Summer is over. The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, and the temperature has been dropping. While it’s not winter yet, it may be time to start swapping out your summer clothes for some cooler weather wear. I know a lot of people don’t think too far into this process but there are actually some do’s and don’ts for both packing and storing your summer clothes whether you are getting ready for a move or not.

The Difference Between a Short Sale and a Foreclosure


I’ve been talking a lot about how Matt and I are saving to buy our first home (yay!) We are learning now more than ever that it takes a lot of work to find a home that suits your needs and preferences let alone your budget. Though we foreclosure versus short saleare still far from our goal, I like to browse local listings just to get a feel for what we can get within our goal budget. There are a ton of short sale listings as well as homes in foreclosure in our area. Going with a foreclosure or short sale property can be a great way to save money on a wonderful home, but it’s important to know the difference between the two as well as the challenges you may be faced with.

The Top 3 Mistakes Homeowners Make During a Home Renovation



Matt and I have been working on saving up for a home. As we get closer to our goal of homeownership, we’ve been having a lot of fun talking about what exactly we are looking for, our non-negotiables, and the things we are willing home renovation to compromise on. I’m not very handy when it comes to home projects. I’m the first person to call a repairman, electrician, or plumber as soon as something isn’t working properly. But Matt is much more hands on. He actually wants a fixer upper because he loves the idea of having such a major impact on our home together. I’m all for his creativity and desire to make our future house a home, but I also don’t want us to make any major mistakes that will end up costing us more rather than saving us money in the long run. After a lot of reading and research, I’ve found the top three mistakes that homeowners make during a home renovation.

How and Why to Create a Home Inventory



How to Build a Home InventoryDo you have a working list of all of your belongings? Before I started working with Holman in 2012, that question was laughable to me because of course I didn’t. Why would I? It never occurred to me to keep track of all of my things in lists so that I would be better prepared for a move. But, now, the concept is clear to me. Building a home inventory is one of my tips for how to be organized when taking account of your household items whether you are moving soon or not.

Packing Tips for the Self Packer



To put it bluntly, packing up your home is a pain. Luckily, if you are working with a moving company, the packers packing tips for the self packercan complete packing for an average move the day before your goods are loaded on the van. It’s amazing how quickly they move. However, if you are packing yourself, you need to allow for a lot more time – several weeks if possible. Since it’s unlikely that you will be able to drop everything to devote an entire day to packing, plan to work at it between your other pre-move activities.

Moving Lessons from the Busy Summer Season


Moving lessons from the busy moving seasonsWe talk all the time about how the summer season is the busiest time of the year for the household moving industry and that’s because it’s true. Every year from May through August, professional van lines all over the country are working endless hours to ensure that individuals and families have seamless moves into their new homes. Now that the dust has started to settle and the season is winding down, I wanted to take a moment to go over some key lessons learned over the past few months.