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Four Ways to Show Off Your New City


One of my favorite parts about moving is exploring a new city and getting acquainted with your new surroundings. You don’t need to move far for this benefit either! In fact, my new home is a measly 7.3 miles from my old apartment 4 ways to show off your new cityand yet, I feel like I’m in a completely new place! I spend a lot of time exploring my city – by bike, by foot, and by car – because you notice different things depending on how you’re getting around. Now, I’ve been living in Florida for a few years so my family has come to visit in the past, but this weekend will be the first time they’ve been here since moving into the house so naturally I am excited to show them around and introduce them to the new places and things that I’ve discovered since their last trip. With the holiday season upon us, I’m sure that many of you are getting ready to host visitors as well and if you’re in a new city (or a new zip code within your same city), you’ll want to show off your new digs, right? So how do you best plan for visitors in your new home?

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving! This is the time of year to be with family, friends, and loved ones and to reflect on all we are Happy Thanksgivinggrateful for. It’s also the time of year to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate. Small gestures can make a huge impact such as donating non-perishable food items to your local food bank, volunteering time at a shelter, or getting involved with a local charity or house of worship to distribute meals to your community.

At Holman we are grateful for our hard working and dedicated staff, the opportunity to work with amazing organizations such as Move for Hunger, and for our loyal friends and customers. We hope that you all have a very happy, safe, and delicious Thanksgiving!

Three Things Guests Notice When They Visit Your Home


My favorite part of moving comes after I’ve already settled into my new home. I absolutely love having my friends guest roomvisit and hosting in general. This will be my first holiday season in my new house and I am thrilled to be hosting an early Thanksgiving dinner this weekend, but we all go a little crazy when we’re expecting house guests, don’t we? I know I do. I spend hours scrubbing the house from head to toe, organizing bookcases, and fluffing couch cushions. If somebody is staying for more than a few days, I’ll deep clean the refrigerator and stock the guest room and bathroom with all the necessities from fresh linens (of course) to new hand soap and toiletries. I love to play hostess and it’s important to me that my friends are as comfortable and at home as possible. But apparently, some of the things we worry about don’t even cross our guests’ minds. What do people really notice when they visit your home?

Holman Moving Systems is Endorsed by


Holman is very excited and honored to announce that we are officially an endorsed mover on based on our history, reputation, and customer service reviews.


For the last 15 years, the volunteers at have been working to help people avoid rogue movers and ensure a legitimate moving experience with quality professionals. That means that they help people who are moving connect with movers best suited to assist in their specific situation. Every move is different after all! Customers can also rely on to answer questions and help educate themselves on how to handle their move. Volunteers include former consumers as well as professional working and retired movers.



In order to be endorsed by the site, companies must pass an extensive screening process that includes reviewing information on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the BBB, various state associations, independent web sites across the web, message boards, word of mouth, and in most cases on-site surveys.



Holman Moving Systems is thrilled to be endorsed by a site as dedicated to customer satisfaction and quality service as we are.