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Happy Holidays!



As we come to the close of 2015, we just wanted to wish a very happy holiday and wonderful New Year to you and happy holidaysyour family. May your holiday be bright and full of love, happiness, and joy.



For those of you moving during this time, our gift to you is a collection of some of our favorite posts to help get you through your move:



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Three Ways to Make Your New House a Home Before Christmas



Thank you all for another amazing year. See you in 2016!

How to Make Your New House a Home Before Christmas



I cannot believe that Christmas is next week! I know we say it every year but the year really flew by, didn’t it? It feels like every year passes even more quickly than the last. I am heading up to New York to be with my family over the Make your house a home before Christmasholiday next week and I am thankful for that. But I also know that many of you are in the midst of a big move and may be celebrating in a less familiar home this year. I am a BIG fan of the holiday season and tend to go all out in terms of Christmas cheer so today I want to share with you how to make your new house a home before Christmas arrives next Friday.

Seven Tips for Moving in the Winter


So, don’t hate me because I’m in Florida but, I know that up north, winter is in full effect and that means moving in the cold, rain, snow and ice. Moving is hard in nice weather, but when it’s miserable outside the challenge is Moving in Winter Weathermagnified. In order to successfully move in the winter movers have to be prepared for all conditions and customers have to have a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

Benefits of Moving and Buying a Home in December


It is hard to believe that today is already December first. I feel like we just rang in 2015 and in a few short weeks it Benefits of moving in Decemberwill be over! I know most of our minds are filled with gift ideas, decorating plans, and hosting arrangements, but for many, thoughts are centered around open houses, closing costs, and moving. Contrary to popular belief, the holiday season is still pretty busy in the housing market. In fact, homeowners searching to buy a new home can usually find great deals in December.