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The Top 3 Mistakes Homeowners Make During a Home Renovation



Matt and I have been working on saving up for a home. As we get closer to our goal of homeownership, we’ve been having a lot of fun talking about what exactly we are looking for, our non-negotiables, and the things we are willing home renovation to compromise on. I’m not very handy when it comes to home projects. I’m the first person to call a repairman, electrician, or plumber as soon as something isn’t working properly. But Matt is much more hands on. He actually wants a fixer upper because he loves the idea of having such a major impact on our home together. I’m all for his creativity and desire to make our future house a home, but I also don’t want us to make any major mistakes that will end up costing us more rather than saving us money in the long run. After a lot of reading and research, I’ve found the top three mistakes that homeowners make during a home renovation.

How and Why to Create a Home Inventory



How to Build a Home InventoryDo you have a working list of all of your belongings? Before I started working with Holman in 2012, that question was laughable to me because of course I didn’t. Why would I? It never occurred to me to keep track of all of my things in lists so that I would be better prepared for a move. But, now, the concept is clear to me. Building a home inventory is one of my tips for how to be organized when taking account of your household items whether you are moving soon or not.

Packing Tips for the Self Packer



To put it bluntly, packing up your home is a pain. Luckily, if you are working with a moving company, the packers packing tips for the self packercan complete packing for an average move the day before your goods are loaded on the van. It’s amazing how quickly they move. However, if you are packing yourself, you need to allow for a lot more time – several weeks if possible. Since it’s unlikely that you will be able to drop everything to devote an entire day to packing, plan to work at it between your other pre-move activities.

Moving Lessons from the Busy Summer Season


Moving lessons from the busy moving seasonsWe talk all the time about how the summer season is the busiest time of the year for the household moving industry and that’s because it’s true. Every year from May through August, professional van lines all over the country are working endless hours to ensure that individuals and families have seamless moves into their new homes. Now that the dust has started to settle and the season is winding down, I wanted to take a moment to go over some key lessons learned over the past few months.

Happy Labor Day!


Labor DayIn the moving industry, Labor Day is the first sign of winding down after the busy summer season, but it is of course much, much more than that.


Labor Day is a day meant to recognize and celebrate the contributions that employees have made to the organizations they work for and the communities they live in.

Thank you to all of the Holman Moving Systems staff for all of your hard work and dedication to helping our customers all year round. And thank you to our amazing customers for making this summer yet another amazing season. We hope everybody has a wonderful, relaxing, and well-earned holiday.

Happy Labor Day!