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Moving? Understand Your Delivery Spread


delivery spreadsThe household goods moving process is one of the most stressful aspects of moving. There are a lot of details and steps involved in ensuring your move goes smoothly and in a timely manner. Once you connect with your mover and go through the estimate process, you’ll be given a delivery spread. After working in the industry for the past few years, the term is second nature to me, but I realize that it may not be so easily understood to others. Since it often causes confusion, and sometimes frustration, I thought it would be a good idea to go over how to understand your delivery spread.

What do House Guests Really Notice?


My favorite part of moving comes after I’ve already settled into my new home. I absolutely love having my friends visit! But we all go a little crazy when we’re expecting house guests, don’t we? I know I do. I spend hours scrubbing What do House Guests Really Notice?the house from head to toe, organizing bookcases, and fluffing couch cushions. If somebody is staying for more than a few days, I’ll deep clean the refrigerator and stock the guest room and bathroom with all the necessities from fresh linens (of course) to new hand soap and toiletries. I love to play hostess and it’s important to me that my friends are as comfortable and at home as possible. But apparently, some of the things we worry about don’t even cross our guests’ minds. What do people really notice when they visit your home?

How to Pack Glassware


How to Pack GlasswareAbout a year ago, two of my best friends got married and just last month, they bought their first home together. While they are both ecstatic, I can hear the stress in their voices as they fill me in on the moving process. Kim, the lovely bride, is worried that Bill, her devoted husband, is going to break some of their valuables while packing. They received brand new glassware and china as wedding gifts last year and naturally, Kim wants to do everything she can to preserve their valuable, very delicate, home goods.

Is Holding an Open House Worth It?


The home sale process is, without a doubt, the most stressful part of moving. While the market is improving, it’s stillIs Holding an Open House Worth It? not great, meaning even the best Realtors are facing a major challenge. There are several aspects of selling a home that we could dive into but today, I want to talk about open houses. Is holding an open house worth the cost, time, and effort? Or should those selling their home try and save a little money and skip it? Exposure is typically a good thing, but before making a decision, you need to decide if an open house is really right for your situation.