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How to Get the Most From Your Move Coordinator


How to Get the Most Out of Your Moving CoordinatorA move coordinator is your lifeline during what can be an incredibly stressful process; moving. Their job is to arrange and manage your entire move including estimates, payment, scheduling, and all the behind the scenes planning and organizing to ensure your move runs smoothly and efficiently.

Moving and Your Taxes


Tax deductible moving expensesIt’s that time of year again; time to file our taxes. Nobody likes to do it but there’s no way around it. Since my boyfriend and I moved for his job earlier this year, he can deduct a lot of our moving expenses on his return. I know that Matt and I aren’t the only two people who have moved for work related reasons so I thought today would be a good time to talk about the related tax implications.

Are Pet Expenses Tax Deductible?



Are pet expenses tax deductible?I’ve posted in the past about tax deductible moving expenses. The post discusses which incurred costs are deductible if you move for work related reasons. For example, if specific requirements regarding timing, distance moved and length of employment are met, certain travel expenses, household goods transportation, storage, and utility set up fees may be eligible for deduction on your tax return. If I am being totally honest though, I never considered whether or not pet fees could be deducted. Last week, a colleague of mine sent over an article that answered the question I didn’t even know I had: “Are pet expenses tax deductible?”

Moving to a New Climate? Protect your Furniture!


moving to a new climateThis past weekend I had a few of my friends from New York come down to visit me in Florida. I heard a lot of talk about moving down south because of how harsh this winter has been on them up north. While my friends were joking, this isn’t an uncommon thought process and a lot of people actually follow through with the idea. In fact, we moved hundreds of people to Boca Raton, FL from Chicago in 2014.

I figured that since the northeast is getting hit with yet another snow storm (my parents in New York have already seen over 14 inches today) that it might be fitting to talk about moving from cold to hot. More specifically, I thought it would be fitting to discuss how to handle moving and storing your furniture during such a move.