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Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving BasketsHappy Thanksgiving! This is the time of year to be with family, friends, and loved ones and to reflect on all we are grateful for. It’s also the time of year to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate. Last year, we were lucky enough to help the Highway Word of Faith Family Worship Center give out Thanksgiving meal ingredients to nearly 250 families. This year, I will be representing Holman on Thanksgiving morning at a local food bank in Tampa, volunteering and organizing donations.

At Holman we are grateful for our hard working and dedicated staff, the opportunity to work with amazing organizations such as Move for Hunger, and for our loyal friends and customers. We hope that you all have a very happy, safe, and delicious Thanksgiving!

Three Tips to Survive Holiday Hosting Season


guest roomI seriously cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week. The past year has flown by, hasn’t it? Once Thanksgiving hits, the rest of the season’s holidays rush in right behind it. Spending time with family and friends, celebrating and catching up is always wonderful. If you have moved, recently, this year might be especially meaningful because your friends and family may be coming to visit and see your new home. Of course, you want to show it off in the best light.

How to Move Your Darkroom


moving your darkroomDo you have any specialty hobbies? My dad, for example, loves to rebuild classic cars. He buys them super cheap at auctions and then spends time revamping them to show at car shows. My cousin started her own online bakery and bakes everything from her personal kitchen and then packages them up in her living room to be shipped. A friend of mine is big into photography and even converted her basement into a darkroom. All of these hobbies will translate into some form of special care during a move. Let’s use the darkroom example. What steps need to be taken in order to move a darkroom?

Moving and Your Car



moving and your carYour home has sold, you’ve found a place in your new city, the boxes are packed and the movers are on their way. Everything is set for the time being, right? Well … maybe not. Most people only think of how their car will arrive at their new home; will they drive it themselves or will they have it shipped? However, depending on both your origin and destination, there may be more things to take into consideration. In general, moving from one state to another won’t impact your vehicle in any major way, but if you are moving to a destination with an extreme climate, whether hot or cold, there could be ramifications.