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How to Protect Your Identity During a Move

identity theftBetween packing, cleaning, planning, and keeping your normal life in order, protecting yourself from identity theft is probably not high on your moving to-do list. But it should be. Though you may not realize it, you are vulnerable to identity theft during a move. Important documents are moved from their safe and secure location and are more likely to be left out in the open while you prepare to (hopefully) carry them on your person on moving day. People are in and out of your house, things get misplaced, and if you’re stressed you may end up forgetting where you put certain things. Then there’s the mail forwarding: there could be a delay in your request leaving important private mail in the hands of your home’s new tenants or there could even be a mistake in the rerouting. These are all reasons to take the initiative to protect yourself.

Moving a Business


moving a businessUsually, when people think about moving, we think about moving as individuals or families. But companies deal with moving and relocation all the time as well. There are several different scenarios a company may find itself in: moving the entire office and staff (or re-staffing at destination), moving a group of employees from one office location to another pre-existing location (group move), or opening up a brand new additional office in a new location and moving one or more employees to get it up and running – to name a few. As you know, I moved to Florida with my boyfriend Matt because his company was opening a new office down here. It has been a crazy few months for both Matt and his employer but I was finally able to snag an interview with his boss to discuss how he went about opening the new office, moving his top employee, and adjusting to a semi-remote workforce.

Top 5 Things to Bring When Moving Abroad


Moving AbroadLast year I wrote about my best friend Kayla living in Thailand. She moved there for a year to teach English and American culture to young students. She moved back to New York last November and decided that her time abroad was far from over. She applied for a Master’s program focused on International Development in which she would spend two semesters abroad in two different countries. Yesterday she learned that she was accepted and so we spent a while chatting about which countries she would be living in and how/what she would pack to do so. It got me thinking, when moving abroad, what are the most important things to have before you get there?