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Three Common Mistakes Renters Make

mistakes renters makeAs I pour over rental listings yet again I am making a mental checklist of questions to ask and details to check. While renting a home is much less complicated than buying one, that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain errors that can lead to major financial losses and credit score hits, not to mention headaches. It’s important for renters, especially first time renters, to be aware of tips, tricks, and steps to take to help avoid common mistakes.

Moving and Delivery Spreads

delivery spreadsThe household goods moving process is one of the most stressful aspects of moving. There are a lot of details and steps involved in ensuring your move goes smoothly and in a timely manner. One of the biggest issues people tend to have regarding the household goods move is the concept of a delivery spread. So what exactly is a delivery spread?

Finding a Home: Comfort vs. Practicality

finding a homeA short three months ago I made the biggest move of my life from Wilmington, Delaware down to Tampa, Florida. I moved down here because my boyfriend, Matt, was relocated for work. After we got the news about the opportunity, everything was kind of a blur. The move happened fast. Matt’s office was set to be in Sarasota, but we have friends that lived in Tampa. Logistics came down to comfort versus practicality. Would it be better to live around people we knew and loved but have a long commute, or to keep the commute simple but be 80 miles from anything familiar?

Your Estimate is Not Your Contract

moving contractHappy belated Fourth of July! I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday weekend. The busy moving season is still in full swing which means we have been fielding a ton of great questions all summer long. One in particular stood out to me: “What is the difference between my estimate and my contract? Aren’t they essentially the same thing?”

Four Important Questions to Ask Your Mover

moving questionsWhen it comes to searching for a moving company, the options and information you encounter can be overwhelming. It’s important and very helpful to ask specific questions to ensure you end up working with the right mover for your needs. The following questions can also help you be sure you don’t end up in the middle of a scam.