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Binding vs. Non-Binding Estimate

changed costIn the spirit of the busy moving season I thought it would be a good idea to continue on our vocabulary lesson trend since many of you are dealing with or will soon be dealing with a ton of moving industry lingo. We know how important it is to obtain an estimate before your move and that it’s even more important to make sure that estimate is done in person. Today I thought I would go over the difference between a binding and a non-binding estimate.

Are My Things Protected During a Move?

valuation Last week in our mini moving vocabulary lesson, we started to get into the valuation of the items in a household goods shipment. This is an important topic that not many people know enough about so I figured I’d take some time to go over it a little more. First of all, the answer is yes, your things are protected against loss and/or damage during a move. The real question is how much protection is provided and at what cost?

A Moving Vocabulary Lesson

moving vocabularyLike all professions, the moving industry uses specific jargon on the job. Most professionals don’t even think twice about the work related language they use because it’s so common, but that doesn’t mean you are expected to understand every term. It’s important for you to know what is going on though so, by all means, if you aren’t sure what something means, just ask! A good mover will do his/her best to ensure they don’t confuse you, but it may still occasionally happen. I encourage you to leave any questions not addressed in this post in the comments section. But, today let’s go over a few common terms: Inventory, Bill of Lading, and Released Value.

Three Things You Need to Know About Moving the Elderly

moving the elderlyA few months ago my parents had to move my grandparents into an assisted living development. It was my grandparents’ choice, albeit a reluctant choice, as there had been several falls and other mishaps in the previous months. Everybody expected the move to be pretty simple.
It’s been three months, however, since the move was completed and my parents are still receiving daily phone calls about the move, unpacked boxes, and misplaced items. Catching up with my parents the other day, heard a ton of stories, some funny and some sad. This got me thinking, what are the most important things for people to know when moving the elderly?