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Spring Cleaning Made Easy

spring cleaning made easyRegardless of what the weather is telling us, last Thursday was the first day of spring 2014. I don’t know about you, but here in Delaware it definitely felt like the longest winter ever. While we may not be experiencing beautiful spring weather on a regular basis quite yet, it will come and we will be ready. Because today we’re going to talk about spring cleaning.

How to Pack Your Kitchen

how to pack your kitchenI have been running around like crazy trying to get ready for my upcoming move. I actually don’t mind it because I use moving as an excuse to declutter and organize myself. Plus, my inner nerd loves to see how far I’ve come as far as moving knowledge since I started in the industry two years ago. This move down south will be my third move in two years. The first one was an absolute disaster. The second, nearly a year into my career, was much smoother, and, so far, this one is moving along nicely. One thing that I feel I have mastered, or come pretty close to mastering, is packing up my kitchen.

How to Pack and Store Your Winter Clothes

how to pack winter clothesIt’s official! I am moving to Florida. My boyfriend’s company is opening an office down there and I have agreed to move with him. In fact, moving day is in just five short weeks! So much to do, in so little time. While the process and decision has been bitter sweet in many ways, I am choosing to focus on the best part – no more winter. Which means, no more winter clothes. My entire family will still be up in New York though so I’ll need to save them for those holiday visits. Being a shopaholic who loves everything hanging in my closet, I want to make sure that I pack and store my winter items in the best possible way to keep them safe and decided to share these tips with you since winter is on its way out.

Do Trailing Spouses Have to Forfeit Their Career?

moving for workI had never heard the term “trailing spouse” before I started working here. The complications that come with moving for your significant other’s professional career wasn’t something I ever even considered. Why would I? I was fresh out of college and focused on my own professional growth. But, after almost two years in my position, I’ve realized that this is an issue that comes up every day for families.