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Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway Re-Cap

Thanksgiving EventWe are honored and excited to fill you all on in what we did this past weekend! Al Ponchak, his nephew Colin, and myself spent this past Saturday helping out the Highway Word of Faith Family Worship Center give out full Thanksgiving dinner baskets to 247 families!

Holman Moving Systems Wins Customer Choice Award for 2013

Holman Moving SystemsWe are all so excited today over here at Holman Moving Systems! We won United’s Customer Choice Award for 2013!

Move for Hunger Reminder

Holman Moving Moves for Hunger

The holidays are creeping up on us. Aside from family, food, and my favorite decorations, this time of year always makes me feel incredibly grateful, which is a great reminder to help those less fortunate. That being said, I thought today would make a great day to quickly remind everyone of the Move for Hunger initiative that is near and dear to our hearts over here.

How to Move Photographs

Old Holman PhotographRecently, I caught Paige hovering over her desk looking at something. Curiosity peaked and I walked into her office to find out what she was working on. It turns out she found a couple boxes of old photographs and letters from when Holman first opened over 125 years ago! The contents were incredible – family history at its finest. There were amazing photographs, hand written letters from customers and high ranking political figures and newspaper clippings. Everything, while delicate, was in great condition and it got me thinking, does everyone know how to properly pack, move, and store their precious memories?

Five Ways to Unwind After Your Move

moving is exhausting Winter is well on its way. The days have gotten shorter, the cold weather is creeping in and I am finding myself exhausted. All I want to do is relax and be lazy in front of a fire with some take out and a glass of wine. I find myself saying “I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this tired,” pretty often. But then my boyfriend reminds me of our last move and I remember: moving is absolutely exhausting!