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What are the Costs Associated with Moving from the U.S. to Europe?

What is the Cost of Moving from the U.S. to Europe?If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a moment when you imagined moving to the other side of the pond. Perhaps you day dream about the siestas in Spain, the funky vibe in London, or the café studded streets of Paris. Maybe you even have a lead on a job. But, what does a move to Europe really entail? More importantly, what are the costs associated with the move?

Seven Tips for Moving in Winter Weather

Moving in Winter WeatherWe hate to be the bearers of bad news but winter is coming…and that means moving in the cold, rain, snow and ice. Moving is hard in nice weather, but when it’s miserable outside the challenge is magnified. In order to successfully move in the winter movers have to be prepared for all conditions and customers have to have a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

De-cluttering: Friend or Foe?

declutterI am a firm believer in de-cluttering. In fact, I go through my things at least three times a year. My style and taste in home décor changes often so for meit’s easy to move on. For a lot of people, however, letting go of sentimental things is hard. Really hard.

I Owe You What?! Moving and Your Security Deposit

Security depositMoving out of a rented apartment or home is stressful in so many ways. In addition to organizing, packing and moving, there is always the nagging concern about whether or not you will get your security deposit back. Naturally, you want to get most, if not all of it, back since moving is expensive and you need a deposit for your new place. A good landlord will be honest about your money and any real expenses he/she incurs to prepare your old place for a new tenant. Unfortunately, however, you may encounter a dishonest landlord who will try and charge you unfairly.

Bedbugs in Your New Home?!

BedbugThey’re tiny, creepy, icky, and nobody likes to talk about them, but they are a problem. In fact, pest control companies say that nearly 50 percent of their calls are for bedbugs. Travel experts tell you to beware of your hotel accommodations as bed bugs have always been an issue for travelers, especially overseas. But, should you take caution when you’re moving to a new home too?