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Two Cheap and Easy Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

Create curb appeal

Selling your home is definitely one of the most emotionally draining aspects of moving. Not only are you relocating yourself, your family, and your belongings to a new place, but now you have to worry about others appraising your home, which is filled with happy memories, and voicing their opinions, good and bad. So what can you do to help your home sell quickly and smoothly? How about creating some curb appeal?

How to Deal with Feeling Homesick

feeling homesickOne of my best friends just accepted a job in Raleigh, North Carolina. She was so excited about the position and setting up her new apartment that she never even considered how she would feel after the moving chaos settled. It wasn’t until the initial excitement faded that she felt her first surge of homesickness.

How to Create an Awesome House Warming Gift

Gift basket The busy moving season is coming to an end, which means the busy house warming season is upon us! Your friends and family who moved this summer are settling into their new homes and may be entertaining the idea of … well … entertaining!  As a good guest, you’ll want to bring a house warming gift. As an even better guest, you’ll want to bring something that nobody else has thought of – something unique, special, creative and personalized to your host.