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What is the Best Way to Move a King Sized Mattress?

How to Move a MattressWe received this question the other day from a reader who was wondering how to move his bed. Well, Sir, my bed is by far my most beloved household item. I take my bed seriously. So, I’m going to go ahead and tackle this question for you.

First, my bed must be in perfect condition and it must be the most comfortable piece of furniture I have in my home, so invest in a good mattress and nice bedding. Naturally, when I moved from my old apartment into my new one, I wanted to be sure that my bed was moved in the safest way possible. After reading this question, as well as others that are similar, it sounds like many people have the same concern.

A Reminder about Moving and Your Mail

Moving and Your MailToday we are going to talk about mail. And by mail I mean that papery stuff that arrives in the box in front of your house. I’m making jokes but, as more people rely on email for everything, the more they forget about the importance of hard mail. In fact, changing the mailing address with important entities (utilities, post office, cable,  bank, etc.) and filing for mail to be forwarded to your new address is one of the most overlooked, yet critical, steps in the moving process. Even though we rely on the internet for almost everything these days, important, and often time sensitive, notices do come in the mail. Further, friends and relatives may still want to send you cards and letters and paid subscriptions are worth updating, lest you want the new homeowners to get a free gift.

Things College Grads Should Consider Before Relocating for Work

Relocating College GradsSummer moving season is here! With the one year anniversary of my college graduation right around the corner, I have been thinking about the job hunt that this year’s graduates are facing. That, and the fact that I work for a relocation company, had me wondering what it would have been like to relocate for a job as a recent grad and new hire.