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Hidden Costs When Moving Yourself

DIY MovingMoving from one home to another can get pretty expensive. A lot of people think that if they move themselves, than they will automatically save a ton of money. It’s true that hiring a moving company will cost money but don’t be fooled. DIY moving can get pretty pricey as well.

How to Move Your Computer

How to Move ComputerYou spend a great deal of money on your laptop and desktop computer so you definitely don’t want to risk ruining them during your move. Since moving trucks can get very hot in the summer (over 100 degrees!) moving electronics in your personal vehicle is the best way to minimize damage. But, there are other precautions you should take before hitting the road, especially if you have a long trip.

Common Mishaps When Settling-In After Your Move

Settling-In After MovingThe truck is unloaded, the boxes are in their designated rooms, and the movers have just pulled out of the driveway. You’re finally done…right? Unfortunately, no. You still need to unpack! A while back I shared with you my four lessons for unpacking, which included tips on how to unpack boxes strategically and efficiently. Today, I want to talk about how to talk about common mishaps that people face during the early stages of unpacking.