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Open Houses: Good Idea or Waste of Time?

The most stressful part of moving usually starts well before you start planning your physical move. Yes, I’m talking about selling your home. With the market down and financing tight, home selling is a challenge for even the best of Realtors and the hottest of spaces. Everyone has an opinion on the best way to move forward but, today, I want to talk about open houses. Is it worth it to throw an elaborate open house? Or, is this an area where some sellers can save a little money? There are varying thoughts and, for the most part, exposure is always a good thing but, before getting started, you will need to decide if an open house is right for you.

Common Moving Mistakes that Can Put You at Risk for Identify Theft

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an uncanny fear of identity theft. I tend to hoard mail and old financial information for years, because I don’t want it to get into the wrong hands. The last time I moved, I had dressers filled with all sorts of papers to throw out. In my frenetic state, I wanted to throw it all into one big bag and out the door. But this would have been a huge mistake that could have caused me to lose my most valuable asset –my identity.

Three Ways to Turn Your House into a Home

How long do you have to live in a new place before it really starts to feel like home? It can be hard to start over in a new house or apartment. Your new home can feel cold and unfamiliar at first. Surely, there are tons of ways to make your house a home using lighting, belongings, color and decorations.  But, today, I’d like to focus more on what you can do for the low cost of … free.



Pet Proof Your New Home to Stay Stress Free

Recently, I’ve been writing about my trials and tribulations while moving. So, when it came to finally decorating my apartment, I wanted do it right. I mentioned in a past post that my nine year old Beagle presented some challenges during my move, but I failed to mention that I also have a much younger, eight month old puppy named Gus. And Gus likes to get in trouble. All. The. Time.