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Packing Yourself? Plan Ahead

Packing for MovingMy colleague Becky wrote a post several weeks ago on her first moving experience. Like most people moving for the first time, lack of preparation and understanding of the moving process made Becky’s move more stressful than it had to be. In hindsight, I wish I could have helped. But, if I could only give her one piece advice it would be pretty simple: put together a packing plan and stick to it.



How to Design Your Home Online (for free!) with Make Room

Moving is a fresh start. You’re in a new city, maybe you have a new job, you’re surrounded by new people and, of course, you’re in a new home. Unpacking can be quite the chore, but decorating should be fun!

Urban Barn, a contemporary furniture store in Canada, offers the chance for you to “be your own interior decorator” with their Make Room tool. The Make Room allows you to map out your entire living space using just the click of a mouse. Depending on what you need – a single room or an entire floor plan – this instrument serves as a great guide to interior decorating.

Have You Seen Our Moving Checklist and Planner?

How prepared are you for your upcoming move? I ask these questions because people grossly underestimate the amount of preparation that’s needed in order to have a stress free move. I know that preparation and stress free don’t necessarily go hand in hand for some folks, but when you are moving an entire house planning ahead will save you a ton of angst on moving day.

Five Mass Transit Sleeper Cities

So, you’re moving to a new city. You have probably already considered several things, including the neighborhood you want to live in, things to do in the area, schools that are best suited for your children and where to find the best grocery stores. Hopefully, you’ve done your due diligence in hiring a moving company and decluttered your home to make the act of packing and unpacking more simple. But, have you considered leaving your biggest item behind?