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Moving for the First Time? Three Moving Tips from a Beginner

Hey all! Paige here. Do you remember the first time you ever moved? Or, are you moving for the first time yourself? ‘Tis the season of new grads, new jobs. new beginnings and…moving! In fact,  XONEX Relocation, a third party relocation services company, recently hired new graduate Rebecca McKinney. Becky graduated from the University of Delaware, so she’s no stranger to these parts, but she did have to officially move all of her belongings (beyond the dorm room) from New York to Wilmington. Since there are lots of people out there moving for the first time, I thought it would be fun to have Becky share some lessons learned based on her first-time experience. Here is her story, in her own words.


The Art of De-cluttering Your Home

De-cluttering your home for movingMy favorite blog is Zenhabits. I’ve been reading Leo’s posts for several years and, while I don’t subscribe to all of his habits, I do appreciate his take on family, life and home. I’m especially drawn to the way he breaks things down so that nothing in the world seems impossible, or even too difficult.

A year or so ago when I was preparing for my last move, I took a break to read some blogs and, serendipitously, there was a Zenhabits post on the art of decluttering. I was drowning in trash and donation bags at the time and it seemed so fitting. I’ve always loved moving – and maybe one of the reasons why is because it forces me to get rid of things I don’t need. Nothing makes me happier than a clutter free home.


Cheap price or quality service?

I get this question a lot.

This is a question that you should probably ask yourself. Meaning, only you can decide how important your items are to you. If you are moving things that have little to no financial or sentimental value, then you might have a higher tolerance for risk. If you are moving valuable stuff, then you should focus heavily on quality service.

Items You Should Not Pack When Moving

Items to Avoid Packing When MovingWe get asked all the time what should packed for the truck and what should be packed in the car or suitcase. This is a great question. Anyone who is moving should know what can, and cannot, go on the truck, as well as which items are best left in the care of the family.