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A Winelovers Guide to Moving Wine

Moving a Wine CollectionI love wine. It’s a girl’s best friend. Because friends and family know that I enjoy a nice glass now and then, I’m often given special bottles for holidays, birthdays and other occasions. Needless to say, I’m proud of my growing collection.

When I move, the last thing I want to do is jeopardize my wine. Of course, this presents a challenge because moving and wine are not best friends. Moving and wine are enemies.


How to Manage Your Lump Sum Move

Great news! You’ve just accepted a new job and the hiring company is giving you $15,000 upfront to move your family, including your spouse, teenager, infant and even Fido. Surely, that will be enough to cover your household moving costs and other relocation expenses…right?

Well, maybe. It all depends on how you manage your lump sum moving package.


Seven Great Things about Moving

I love moving. I’ve moved around my whole life (seven times, but who’s counting?) and I still find it fun. Maybe I have a thirst for adventure – or maybe it’s because I know a great moving company – but I’ve always found moving to be more fun than stressful. Of course, when I tell people this they think I’m crazy.

Let’s Move Out Hunger Together!

Holman Moving LogoThere’s a lot going on at Holman  that I am excited about, and hope you will be too. Most notably, since you are reading this post, we are  thrilled to have launched this new blog! We hope to provide our readers with helpful advice that spans the entire moving process –  from thinking about moving, to finally settling into your new home.

We also plan to share some of good things we are doing with Move for Hunger– and how you can help.  Interested? Read more to learn about our latest campaign and how you can help us move out hunger.

My List of Must Have Supplies for Packing

List of Must Have Packing Supplies for MovingHaving packed countless moving boxes for customers, I can tell you that the more prepared you are before you start, the better off (and less stressed out) you will be. Give yourself plenty of time – and remember that you may not be able to drop everything to devote an entire day to packing, so it’s a good idea to attack it in chunks, between your other pre-move activities.

Before you even think about getting started, you will need to pick up some packing supplies that will make your life easier. Keep them all in one place so that as you jump in and out of packing mode, you know where everything is.