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How to Avoid a Moving Scam

How to Avoid a Moving Scam“Well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin

You have probably heard stories about companies that give low moving estimates, only to mark them up later with hidden fees that rarely make sense. Or, worse, movers that take household goods hostage for more money. Some may say you get what you pay for – cheap service for a cheap price. I subscribe to a different philosophy: well done is always better than well said.

9 Questions to Consider Before Moving Yourself

Moving YourselfDo-it-yourself moving is a great option for people who have the time, the support and the strength to see it through. That said, there is a misconception that all it takes is a rental truck and a buddy. There is a lot more that goes into moving, so if you are considering a DIY option, make sure you understand what you are getting into. In all of my years in the moving business, I’ve heard horror stories of DIY moving gone wrong and, most of the time, they occur because people were not honest with themselves about risk, as well as their own capability to do the job.

If you are considering moving yourself, ask yourself these questions before you decide is moving yourself is the best option for you: