How to Find Your Local Post Office

How to Find Your Local Post OfficeAfter you move to a new city or town, it can take a while to learn your way around. But there are a few staples that you’ll want to figure out right away – and finding your post office is one of them. For example, you’ll want to know where the closest post office is as soon as you can. There are actually several very easy ways to figure this out.

1.       USPS Services Locator

Go to the USPS Services Locator website and select “Post Office Locations” in the menu under “What are you looking for?” Then just enter your city or zip code and voila! Locations will be listed with phone number and address for your convenience.

2.       Melissa Data

Check out Melissa Data. Enter your zip code and watch as the 25 nearest post offices appear before your eyes.


Like the past two sites, all you need to do is enter your zip code in the “locate a post office” section. With the click of a button you’re given a list, links to directions, and an interactive map. The only thing the site can’t do is drive you there.

 4.       Local Phone Book

With everything at the quick click of a mouse these days, we sometimes forget about those lonely Yellow Pages. But you can always look up any local business in the phone book too.

Settling in after your move is hectic. You have a lot going on all at once and sometimes small tasks can feel like moving mountains. But take a deep breath. Nothing is as difficult as it seems at that moment – you’re unpacked boxes are just messing with your mind. If you tackle one issue at a time, soon enough everything will fall into place. Finding your local post office will take merely moments and then you can check something off your To-Do list – and who doesn’t love checking things off as complete?

What are some other important locations you needed to find quickly after a move? How did you find them? Let me know if the comments below!