An Online Tool for Renters

How to Find and ApartmentThe more I learn about the moving industry, the more excited I get about the idea of moving. So, naturally, I have been dreaming of my next move to put all that I have learned so far into action.

Of course, one of the most difficult steps in the moving process happens before you even plan to move – we call it the thinking about moving phase – and this step is finding the right place to live.

You might find yourself asking the following questions:

Should you buy or rent?

What neighborhood should you live in?

What are the standard rates for renting in a particular area?

What do houses typically sell for in that area?

Lucky for me I work a company that can help me with these things. But, I’ve also found some pretty great websites that also do a thorough job of answering my questions. For example, I’ve recently become addicted to, a real estate site for renters. It does so much more than help you find available listings  – and it is incredibly easy to navigate. Since a lot of Holman customers are moving in and out of New York City and New Jersey, where renting is very popular, I thought I’d share some info about RentNet here.  Here’s how it works:

You start by entering the city or zip code of where you are moving to and a list of up to five “local likes.” The site defines local likes as things that you’d prefer for your new home, or the area surrounding your new home. You can select from pet friendly (which I would chose because of my puppy), grocery stores, library, bars, etc. RentNet will only search for listings that can accommodate at least one of your local likes right off the bat.

Like most of the other real estate sites out there today, RentNet offers you the chance to enter the distance you are willing to consider surrounding the zip code or city you entered initially, a price range, and number of beds and bathrooms required. As you enter more details, the site automatically updates a map and provides a list of potential options for you.

*The more specific you get, the fewer choices you will have.  But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Do you really want to waste your time by checking out homes that don’t meet your needs? I know I don’t.

Each option will be pinned on a map and briefly described in a list below the map. The description includes a link to the property’s website (if it exists) and/or the landlord’s contact information.

If you want to search different sets of criteria to see what comes up, that’s not a problem. You can save any and/or all of your previous searches so that you can do a side by side comparison of your options later. No need to take notes or print anything out. This is my favorite part.

The “Learning Center” will answer the rest of your questions about moving. There are definitely other real estate sites out there that can offer great advice, such as Zillow, but the Learning Center on RentNet really stands out. Here, you can find tips on how to use the search feature or search on your own, interior design information, your rights as a renter (GREAT to get to know), checklists, how to settle in after you move and much more.  And, of course, we hope you visit our blog for your moving needs as well.

You can find tons of sites to help you with your house finding needs. I wanted to share RentNet with you because, being a renter myself, I found this one especially useful. Of course, I found it after I already moved and settled in, but hopefully you can make better use of it.

Good luck out there renters and please share with me any other advice or helpful tools that you have used in the past!