Holman Moving Helps New Jersey YWCA Create Comfy Homes

A very special post from New Jersey today! Paige and I are very excited to be in the Hackensack office to take part in a community outreach program run by the YWCA of Bergen County and supported by the United Way. It was our honor to accept a shipment of 15 couches and 14 media cabinets from Crate and Barrel that we will store in our secured storage facilities and ultimately deliver to people in need.

In a few months, some of the furniture will be delivered to people who are living in transitional housing while they get back on their feet. The homes and the furniture will provide a comfortable springboard for the future growth and success of the recipients and their families. The remaining furniture items will be distributed between alocal homeless shelter and the YWCA.

Holman Moving Helps the YWCA of Bergen County

That’s me! I’m standing behind one of the couches with Jill Donitz from the YWCA of Bergen County, NJ


Please stay tuned for updates on the program. We will detail here how the United Way, the YWCA and Holman Moving work together to create cozy homes for people in need.