Have You Seen Our Moving Checklist and Planner?

How prepared are you for your upcoming move? I ask these questions because people grossly underestimate the amount of preparation that’s needed in order to have a stress free move. I know that preparation and stress free don’t necessarily go hand in hand for some folks, but when you are moving an entire house planning ahead will save you a ton of angst on moving day.

Having the time to methodically prepare for your move is a gift. We suggest that most people start the planning process two months in advance. If you don’t think there is that much to do, take a walk through your home TODAY and be honest with yourself about what it’s going to take to get the job done. And then get started.

But, don’t panic. We are here to help. The moving checklist and planner on the Holman Moving moving guide is one of our top five landing pages – and people stick around to read the whole document, so I know it’s helpful. Have you seen it? We break down every important moving activity before, during and after your move. Please review the checklist in its entirety so that there are no surprises in the weeks preceding your move.

Moving Checklist and Planner

Have any moving preparation tips? Suggestions for our planner? Please share them below.