Four Ways to Show Off Your New City


One of my favorite parts about moving is exploring a new city and getting acquainted with your new surroundings. You don’t need to move far for this benefit either! In fact, my new home is a measly 7.3 miles from my old apartment 4 ways to show off your new cityand yet, I feel like I’m in a completely new place! I spend a lot of time exploring my city – by bike, by foot, and by car – because you notice different things depending on how you’re getting around. Now, I’ve been living in Florida for a few years so my family has come to visit in the past, but this weekend will be the first time they’ve been here since moving into the house so naturally I am excited to show them around and introduce them to the new places and things that I’ve discovered since their last trip. With the holiday season upon us, I’m sure that many of you are getting ready to host visitors as well and if you’re in a new city (or a new zip code within your same city), you’ll want to show off your new digs, right? So how do you best plan for visitors in your new home?


If you’re anything like me, you overwhelm yourself with ideas, especially when you’re excited. It’s important to reel yourself in a bit and be realistic with plans. There are far too many restaurants, parks, shops, and events to show my parents in the three days they will be staying with me so I did some research, took a few deep breaths, and made a plan that won’t exhaust everybody. Here’s 4 ways how:


  1. Build in Rest: If you were traveling somewhere, would you want to go directly from plane/train/automobile to activity? Maybe, but you’d probably prefer to drop off your luggage, wash up, and take a beat first. Don’t book any activity or reservation for the first hour or two after your guests arrive. Let them collect themselves first. You’ll be happy about the down time too because you’ve most likely spent a ton of time preparing your home for their visit. You both deserve a break.
  2. Make Reservations: I don’t know about your family, but in my family, our favorite part of traveling is the food. If you want to share your new favorite restaurant with your guests, make a reservation. There is nothing like showing up starving and learning that you need to wait two hours for a table. If the restaurant doesn’t take reservations, ask what the best day and time to arrive would be to avoid a long wait.
  3. Research Events: If you have guests visiting over a weekend or around the holidays, there are probably a TON of things to do from special concerts to sales and pop ups. Do some research ahead of time and figure out what exactly is going on and when. Every time I skip this step, my guests and I waste so much time trying to make a plan.
  4. Go Unique: Every city has something special about it. What do you love most about your city that you’ve never experienced before? For me, it’s an event called First Friday that only takes place on, you guessed it, the first Friday night of every month. The city shuts down an entire city block, sets up a stage, and invites local bands to perform while the bars and restaurants offer up special food and drink deals. Think of something that your guests have probably never experienced before and be sure to show them that!


Moving is exciting in a lot of ways, but in my opinion the most exciting part is giving your loved ones a sneak peek into your life in your new city.