Three Rooms to Keep Organized At Home



Over the weekend I spent a lot of time reorganizing and sprucing up my home. It’s been two months since my fiancé wine-rack-for-towelsand I moved into our new house but there is still a ton of work to be done in terms of decorating and finding the right flow for the space. I’ve moved several times over the last ten years and I’ve found that while I love my entire home to be organized, the three rooms that matter most (in my opinion) are the kitchen, the bathroom, and the garage.



Because I’m sure that I’m not alone, I wanted to go over some basic tips to help you keep these three hot zones in your home as safe and organized as possible, whether you are moving into your first home or your fiftieth.





The kitchen is an organizer’s dream room. Just think of all of the cabinets and shelves! Not only will keeping an organized kitchen look great, it will keep make meal prep and clean up much easier.


Organizing Tip:


Think about frequency of use while you’re setting things up. For example, don’t keep a gravy boat that you use once a year at the forefront of a cabinet leaving standard dishes and serving bowls stuck in the back. Make sure the things that you use the most frequently are the easier to grab.


Tools to Use:


A step stool is a really handy kitchen tool because let’s face it, we can’t all reach the high shelves without a struggle. I don’t know about you but I’d much rather have a sturdy stool to stand on than climbing on top of the counter and playing the balancing act when I can’t reach something.


Lazy Susans are probably my favorite cabinet feature and while they work best in corner cabinets, you can get smaller ones for any kitchen space as well. They’re great for spices and baking ingredients. It’s much easier (and quicker) to turn a Lazy Susan to grab what you need than it is to empty out an entire shelf looking for the flour.




I hate a cluttered bathroom. My new house, while great, has one major flaw in my opinion – the bathroom is tiny and that makes it really challenging to keep it organized. Challenging, but not impossible. All you need is just a little creativity.


Organizing Tip:


Use up any extra space. It’s amazing what a shoe organizer hanging from the back of your bathroom door can do to create more storage space. You can use it for toiletries, extra hand towels, extra rolls of toilet paper, etc. I also like to think of the walls as potential storage space. For example, I recently purchased a simple black wine rack, hung it on the bathroom wall and stored rolled up clean towels. It looks nice plus, your guests will never need to ask where they can grab a towel!


Tools to Use:


Tension rods are an underutilized but really amazing tool for bathroom cabinets. If you hang one inside, you can hang spray bottles from it, leaving the base of your cabinet wide open. Shower caddies are a great option as well and no, they aren’t just for college dorms. You can find really beautiful caddies that attach to your tub to keep shampoo and soap off the tub or shower which is a great way to prevent mold and mildew from forming.


Garage (or Attic)


I am willing to bet that for most people, the garage and/or the attic is the most unorganized space in the entire home. We tend to care more about the rooms we spend most of our time in as well as those that our guests will see. But keeping an organized garage or attic will only benefit you.


Organizing Tip:


Label stuff! Typically, the things we are storing in these rooms are in boxes or bins. Think about how much easier it will be to grab the Christmas decorations if the bins are labeled with exactly what is inside. Speaking of Christmas, consider organizing the space by season so that you know exactly where to get what and when.


Tools to Use:


This may sound silly but toilet paper or paper towel rolls will be your best friend when it comes to storing string lights, extra power cords, or wrapping paper. No muss, no fuss, and I can guarantee you already have some in your house.


Filing cabinets are another great option when it comes to storage in your garage or attic. These rooms can get damp and so if you’re using cardboard boxes to store important documents, you run the risk of damaging or destroying them. A filing cabinet will not only keep your papers organized, but it will keep them safe as well.


Your home should be your sanctuary which means the last thing it should do is cause you more stress. Keeping yourself organized and clutter free will help ensure you are always comfortable and at ease in the one place you always should be!