Three Services That Are Worth the Expense During a Move



I’m a bargain queen and you can typically find me offering friends and family advice on how and where to get the best deal for everything. However, I am also a big fan of comfort and convenience and there are just some things worth3 services worth the expense during a move spending for. And honestly, in my opinion, moving is one of them. No matter how organized and prepared you are for an upcoming move, it is a ton of work. The cleaning, the packing, the physical move, the unpacking, it all takes a ton of time and a ton of effort. After my last move (for a while since my fiancé and I are finally homeowners!), I came up with this list of three things that I believe are always worth paying for when it comes to moving.



Over the last eight years, I have moved nine times so I have had a ton of experience in this department. I’ve moved myself, I’ve moved with friends, and I’ve worked with the pros. I’ve planned ahead and moved with very short notice; moved for pleasure and moved for work. Now that I’m done with the whole moving thing for a while, I’m excited to share the top three services that I will always pay for during a move.



  1. Cleaners: Whether you’re moving out of a rental or leaving your home for new buyers, it needs to be clean. Some people find cleaning to be therapeutic and if that’s the case for you, more power to ya, but in my opinion, it’s the worst, especially if you’re moving out of a rental. There is nothing worse than receiving a bill in the mail because your old place wasn’t spotless. Besides, your energy is better spent elsewhere, like packing properly and keeping your family sane.


  1. Movers: I highly recommend working with professional movers but please note, that does not mean working with ANY mover. Spend time and do your due diligence. A legitimate, high quality mover will absolutely conduct an in home survey in order to provide you with a cost estimate. Read reviews, ask questions, and check on the licensing to make sure you’re in good hands because if you are, there is no money better spent than money spent on movers. I remember the first time I worked with the pros, I promised myself I’d never do it myself again. Your move will move quicker, smoother and your anxiety level will decrease which will make you and everybody around you very happy. If you have the budget to let them pack for you too, even better.


  1. Painters: This one really depends on your personal situation and honestly, it’s new to my list of must-hires. I just finished painting my home office in the new house and have officially decided to never do this myself again. I made a mess, it took forever and it doesn’t even look that great. Painting may just be a weakness of mine but after I hired somebody to paint the living room, I’ve decided it’s totally worth the expense. Let the pros worry about covering your furniture, protecting your floors, and perfecting the molding.


I am a firm believer that there is a time and a place for everything. Saving money is important, of course, but there are some things that are worth the spend. In most cases, moving adds at least a little extra stress to your life and when you’re already balancing work, a family, and everything else that makes up your life, more stress is the last thing you need. When it comes to your home – your things, your memories, and your space – it’s important to make sure everything is taken care of properly. Professional cleaners can do that before your move, the movers during, and painters after. In my experience, all three are worth it.


What about you? Are there any products or services that you believe are always worth the expense when it come to moving?