3 Tips to Stay Sane While Settling In



Stay sane while settling inAnd in the blink of an eye, summer is ending. Summer’s end means a lot of things, but in the household moving industry, it means a sigh of relief. The busiest time of year has yet again come to a close and while moving companies may be catching their breath, those of you who just moved may be feeling the opposite as it can be overwhelming to settle in to a new home after a move. Homes in transition have a tendency to drive people a little bit crazy but it’s really important to take care of yourself and your family so that your new house can truly start to feel like home. So, how can you keep calm and settle on after a move?



Don’t worry. I’ve got three organizational tips to help you out.



  1. Set deadlines AND boundaries: I feel like settling in often goes one of two ways. People either rush to get everything done at once, leading them to overwhelm and often some impulse decisions or they refuse to acknowledge what needs to be done at all and end up feeling just as overwhelmed because the house is in shambles for months. It’s important to set deadlines and boundaries to keep the peace … and your sanity. Talk with every household member about who is in charge of what and when certain things should be completed. For example, unpack a few boxes each night before dinnertime with the goal of x number of boxes by the weekend. Set boundaries to make sure that you don’t take on too much at once and that you give yourself time to enjoy your new space with your family. For example, always take a break to have dinner together (whether you go out or eat take out on your living room floor) or taking Sunday’s off from house stuff.



  1. Start with the necessities: If you were organized during the packing process, this should be a breeze. Unpack and set up the things that you know you’re going to need first and most often. This is a little bit different for everybody but for me, that meant setting up my home office and part of my kitchen right away and saving DVDs and guest accommodations for a later date. It’s okay if your new place isn’t picture perfect within days or even weeks of moving in. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable.



  1. Be open and honest: Everybody handles moves and changes differently. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, over worked, or over tired, communicate that with your family or roommate. You may not always been on the same page but it will help to know where everybody stands during such a hectic time.


It’s funny because many of us assume that the hard work is over once the boxes are packed and the movers have arrived. But settling in is its own game with its own challenges. Remember to focus on the positive and move at a pace that you and your family are comfortable with. Your new home isn’t going anywhere!