Summer and the Move for Hunger Initiative



Summertime at Holman means the busy season. We will be sharing helpful moving tips and tricks all season long but Holman Moving Moves for HungerI wanted to take a moment to share a reminder about one of our favorite initiatives, Move for Hunger. The summer moving season is the perfect time to take advantage of this amazing initiative and help those in need in your local communities.



Move for Hunger is a non-profit organization that teams up with professional movers and relocation companies around the country to help collect unwanted, non-perishable food items from those who are moving and distribute them to local food banks. It’s simple really. The cost of a move is determined by multiple factors, but the weight of the household goods shipment is one of them. More often than not, it is more expensive to move canned goods than it is to just replace them at your final destination. Instead of tossing your pantry items, donate them! If you are working with a van line that partners with Move for Hunger, all you need to do is let them know that you have a donation and the movers will take care of the rest, this way there’s no added stress to your moving process.



Did you know that over 50 million Americans are unsure of where their next meal will come from? “Hungry” doesn’t mean living on the street. Sadly, it is all around us so it’s important to do what we can to help.



Statistically speaking, it takes about 1.3 pounds of food to make up one meal. You don’t need to have a pantry full of items to donate in order to make a difference. Every item makes a difference. Every item feeds a hungry person in your local community.



Move for Hunger is currently working with over 650companies in all 50 states and Canada. To date, they have delivered over 6,029,990 meals! Isn’t that incredible? Let’s help the Move for Hunger crew help those in need all over North America.



If you are moving this summer, or if you find yourself giving your kitchen a clean sweep, remember the hunger initiative. Give your non-perishables to your mover and let them do the rest. You never know who you are helping.