How to Create an Awesome House Warming Gift


The busy moving season is here and that means that housewarming parties are right around the corner! Once your friends and family who move this summer are settled into their new homes they may be entertaining the idea of … How to Create an Awesome House Warming Giftwell … entertaining!  As a good guest, you’ll want to bring a house warming gift. As an even better guest, you’ll want to bring something that nobody else has thought of – something unique, special, creative and personalized to your host.


Don’t get me wrong, any kind gesture is bound to be genuinely appreciated. But there is something to be said about a well thought out gift. For house warming parties, you typically see people gifting plants, Home Depot gift cards, a nice bottle of wine or a picture frame. All of these are great and very fitting, but sometimes it’s fun to play with some more creative options.


It all comes down to the host and his or her personality. Are they handy around the house or will they hire somebody to do all the dirty work? Do they love to cook? Garden? Entertain? Below, check out some gift ideas for different personality types:


The DIY’er: This person is probably thrilled to be in their new home because it’s like a blank canvas. A handy-man gift basket will be perfect for them. Fill a bucket or a pot with miscellaneous tools, batteries, a gift card for home improvement, a reputable crafty catalogue (maybe even a whole year subscription) and a mini first aid kit just in case they have a mishap or two!


The Chef: I love to cook and have used this idea quite a few times recently. Budding chefs love anything that involves a free meal…or cooking supplies. Buy a nice colander and use that as your base. Fill it with all sorts of goodies including high quality pasta, a bottle of wine, some good sauce – brownie points for homemade – some spices, a nice crunchy baguette and some dish towels. Paper plates and plastic silverware are great additions as well.  If you have a bigger budget, do some research on their new area and buy a gift card for dinner at a nice local restaurant (side note: my best friend did this when I first moved to Florida and the restaurant has become one of my favorites!).


The Gardener: This one is fun and can be seasonal. When gifting gardeners I like to use a watering can as my basket, but a nice wicker basket or a planting pot are also great options. Depending on what’s in season, buy several different packs of seeds for your gardener. Then add in quality gardening gloves and a small pair of hedge trimmers. Another version is to start the basket with their favorite potted flower or plant and then place the seed packs and gardening gloves along the base of the stem.


The Entertainer: If the house warming soiree is the first time your host has thrown a party, this gift isn’t for them. But, for those who love to put together parties and dinners, consider the host/hostess gift. This depends on personal style and taste, but you can still have some fun with it. Put together a serving tray or cheese plate (you can even make one yourself if you want), some champagne or nice wine, a nice set of cocktail glasses and some coasters. All of these things come in tons of different styles, so you can easily customize the basket.


Have you ever given or received a housewarming gift that came from outside the box? Tell us about it in the comments below!