Three Common Moving Nightmares and How to Avoid Them



Moving is stressful. There’s no doubt about it. But that doesn’t mean it has to be horrible. We’ve heard all the avoid moving nightmaresnightmare moving stories there are to hear. I’m talking really scary stuff. I mean, before I had any experience, I even lived through some! Luckily, with some simple tips and precautions, moving nightmares are completely avoidable.



Some disasters are unavoidable, like a huge snowstorm that hits the moment your movers show up or even half way through their drive to your new home, or an elevator that breaks down smack dab in the middle of the unloading process but these horror stories are hardly the ones that I want to tackle today. Today, I want to go over three common mishaps that you can 100 percent, completely and totally avoid.



A Moving Scam



Moving scams are too common and that’s because they’re really easy to fall into. In today’s world it’s practically impulse to run an Internet search for whatever product or service you need and to make one of two choices:



  1. Use the first option that shows up on your search results screen or
  2. Use the cheapest option that you can find.


The problem with both of these choices is that they involve very little (if any) actual research. Is the moving company legitimate? Do they have any reviews? Are they right for the type of move you are planning? Did they schedule an in-home estimate? That last question is paramount to avoiding a moving scam. If a mover doesn’t schedule an in home estimate before giving you a price approximation, you’re about to get caught in a scam.



Usually, in cases like that, the mover will quote an exceptionally low price, appealing I know, but then upcharge you like crazy once they have all your stuff “hostage.” They’ll refuse to unload the truck until you pay some insanely high price way out of the realm of you estimate. Scam. Get an in home estimate no matter what.






There isn’t a whole lot you can do about traffic, especially because your movers will not be able to navigate many back roads, should some even be available, the way that you can in your car. However, you can look into typical traffic patterns along the route if you’d like. This will help you avoid a headache yourself! It’s important to note though that your movers are likely loading and unloading other household good shipments in addition to your own so they may not be able to pick and choose their travel times. What you CAN do is ensure that your movers have a reserved parking space at both origin and your destination so that heavy traffic flow doesn’t hinder their ability to get to work once they do finally arrive.



Poor organization



Unless you’ve hired a mover to pack up your home for you, you’ll want to have a solid packing plan in place to help keep your sanity intact and your stress level low. We recommend starting the packing process several weeks before your actual move date so that you can work through your home just a little at a time instead of rushing at the last minute. It’s helpful to dedicate one specific area to packing too! Keep everything you need including sturdy boxes that can close all the way, packing tape, scissors, marker for labeling, tissue paper/newspaper, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts in your packing section so you have everything you need at your fingertips. If you stay organized and break down your home one room at a time, you can focus on packing 2-4 boxes per day. That’s not so bad!



Moving can definitely seem like a nightmare but with proper planning and organization, it won’t be.