Questions to Ask Your Mover



Searching for a moving company can be overwhelming. There are so many options out there and some of them can be really appealing, especially when the services listed are plenty and the cost is low. However, it’s important and very Questions to ask your moverhelpful to ask specific questions to ensure you end up working with the right mover for your needs. The following questions can also help you be sure you don’t end up in the middle of a scam.



1. Are you a mover or a broker?
If the answer is broker, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Brokers can be helpful in matching up customers with moving companies. However, a broker does not have the ability to give proper estimates and they are not responsible for loss or damage. You want to make sure that you speak directly with your mover for all pertinent information.



2. Will my estimate be binding?
Remember, a broker cannot give you your estimate, and if you DO receive an estimate from a broker it is not likely to be binding. This can lead to problems once your household items are delivered and the actual cost is much higher than the original quote. Your mover on the other hand can give a binding estimate – in person only. An in person estimate is a non-negotiable. Do not work with a mover if they give you an estimate over the phone. End of story.



3. What other charges does my quote include?
Does your estimate include fuel, parking, storage, or other miscellaneous charges or will it only cover the cost of your goods? At the time of your estimate be sure to discuss any special crating or moving you may need for delicate items such as antiques or a wine collection. There are usually extra charges for things like that but if discussed up front they are likely to be included in your estimate. It’s also good to talk about items with special needs to ensure your mover has the proper equipment and the means to care for them.



4. What forms of payment are acceptable?
If a mover tells you that the only form of acceptable payment is cash, do not work with them. Otherwise be sure to talk about the deposit versus what is due on the day of delivery. Is the deposit refundable or will it be deducted from your total? Be clear on your payment options and timing before the move is conducted.



When it comes to your belongings and your expenses, there are no dumb questions. If you are unsure about anything regarding your move, ask. What other questions would you ask your mover? Share them in the comments below.