A New Packing Tip for Your Move



Last week, Matt and I were caught off guard when the ceiling over our screened in porch collapsed all over our patio furniture (luckily nobody was hurt!). After the shock wore off and we got in touch with our property manager, we A New Packing Tip for Your Movelearned that the entire roof over our third floor apartment was in pretty terrible condition and needed some major construction. Because of the nature and severity of the project, we were given 72 hours to move into a new apartment for the remainder of our lease. The negotiations that took place because of this situation are a topic for another day but today I want to talk packing. Recently, Paige and I were talking about general move and packing tips and she brought up a really great point that I had never heard of before. We usually talk about packing up your home one room at a time and labeling each box according to the room the items came from, right? But what about labeling boxes according to the room in which they will be unpacked?

In many cases, the room will be the same. Your dishes and blender will be packed from your original kitchen and unpacked in your new kitchen, but think outside the box with this one. What if your new home has more space/rooms than your old? What if you old home had a room that your new room doesn’t have? This tip came in handy this past weekend when Matt and I moved into our new place.

I am happy to report that our new apartment is much larger than the one we were forced out of. We have a bigger living room, two large bathrooms, a full laundry room/mud room, and an extra bonus room which is perfect for a home office!

Because of this, I was able to take advantage of Paige’s packing idea. See, originally, my workspace was set up in the guest room so I would normally label the boxes with my office supplies as “Guest Room Office Supplies.” But with this move, I considered the fact that I’d be unpacking in my new, full office. Similarly, with a full mudroom, things that would have normally been labeled for “Storage Closet,” were marked “Laundry Room.”

It’s a simple tip but it really is useful. Your new home is likely very different than your old one so it’s worth it to take some time to imagine how you want things laid out before you get going. I have to admit, it was great to have everything in the room it was meant for without having to shuffle things around myself. The same thing goes for downsizing. If your new home has less space than your current one, consider how you will consolidate and label your boxes accordingly. Moving is a lot of work. Make your life easier by thinking ahead!