What do House Guests Really Notice?


My favorite part of moving comes after I’ve already settled into my new home. I absolutely love having my friends visit! But we all go a little crazy when we’re expecting house guests, don’t we? I know I do. I spend hours scrubbing What do House Guests Really Notice?the house from head to toe, organizing bookcases, and fluffing couch cushions. If somebody is staying for more than a few days, I’ll deep clean the refrigerator and stock the guest room and bathroom with all the necessities from fresh linens (of course) to new hand soap and toiletries. I love to play hostess and it’s important to me that my friends are as comfortable and at home as possible. But apparently, some of the things we worry about don’t even cross our guests’ minds. What do people really notice when they visit your home?


Your friends don’t care/don’t pay attention to your base boards or whether or not you have fresh flowers on the dining room table. Nobody is checking your cabinets for organization or scoffing at the scent of your hand soap. While you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, there are some things that people will notice as soon as they enter your home.

1. Pet hair/dander and smell: The cold hard truth is that as pet owners, it’s unlikely that we notice when our homes smell like our pets. Unfortunately, even the slightest scent of dog slaps a new guest in the face as soon as the door opens. It’s the same thing with pet hair. It gets everywhere and while you may be used to and laugh when you pull some off your pants in the middle of the work day, your guests don’t find it adorable. Both are an easy fix though. Go nuts with your vacuum on both the floors and furniture and light a candle. Febreze is pet owners’ best friend too. This is less of an issue if you are having visitors very shortly after you move in, but I’ve been in my apartment for almost a full year now and I still have new visitors all the time. I am very mindful about my puppy problems!


2. Amenities: You don’t need to provide five different perfume options or a seven step facial care kit but make sure you have toilet paper, fresh towels, and shampoo. Since I live in Florida and usually bring my guests to the beach, I like to keep extra sun screen and beach towels around as well. Consider your new city. Is there anything that you think your guests will need that they may not need at their own home?


3. Disruptive quirks: The guest room is the brightest room in my apartment. It’s great during the day but not so great when the sun shines directly into the tiny arch window (that we can’t find teeny tiny blinds for) at six AM on Saturday mornings. I like to give my guests a heads up before they head to bed and let them know that I’ve hidden a sleep mask in the nightstand. Take some time to do the same. Do you have a broken step they need to look out for or a shower that turns scalding hot when you turn the knob to cold? Let your guests know of any surprises they may encounter during their stay.

It’s always exciting to have your friends visit your new home for the first time, but don’t make yourself crazy over it. They are coming to see YOU and learn about your new home and your new city but they aren’t judging every little detail. Make sure the super noticeable items are covered and then relax and enjoy!