Military Moving


Military MovingMy best friend Malcolm has been in the Army for just about five years and is currently preparing to move to a new base before heading out on his fourth deployment. I am so grateful for his service, and the service provided by all of our country’s military men and women. In fact, there is nothing more important to all of us here at Holman than taking care of our military heroes so today I thought I would share some information on Military Moving .

Back during the Civil War, the Holman family made and shipped equipment for US soldiers, so our roots and devotion to our country’s heroes run deep. There is no one standard measure for how often military personnel move with their family based on official orders. It depends on the branch, tours, stage of service (Boot Camp, job training, specialty training, etc.). But typically, a military member will move about every three years, possibly more frequently during the first few years of service. The last thing our troops should be worrying about is the logistics of their move so I have shared five Military moving tips below.

Work with a pro: Military moves are typically covered in full including household goods move, travel, meals, and accommodations. You do more than enough; let the professionals handle the heavy lifting when it comes to your move! Working with a professional mover will eliminate a huge amount of stress and save you a ton of time. Your move coordinator will make sure everything is scheduled correctly, monitor the shipment, coordinate any extra services such as storage, handle auto transportation, and more!

Keep every receipt: You can’t be reimbursed for any expenses if you don’t have proof that you spent the cash. Hold on to your receipts for every meal, hotel, gas up, and toll. Bonus points if you keep them organized by category to speed up your reimbursement.

Plan ahead: Military personnel, again, depending on the branch and situation, typically get 10 days to complete the move process from start to finish. With careful and organized planning, you could potentially find yourself settled in half that time, giving you several days to get acclimated and comfortable and enjoy some well-deserved time off.

Communicate: Keep the contact information for both your hired move professional as well as your traffic officer on speed dial. If you ever have any questions about procedures or anything at all, give them a call and ask!

Use your resources: Naturally the military is a huge resource in and of itself. But you can also lean on the Veteran’s Association, the Rental Partnership Program, and your mover. When the goal is to help service members as much as possible, these calls are always happily answered.

The Holman business has changed since the Civil War days but our devotion to the troops remains the same. With frequent moves and the amazing sacrifices our country’s military makes on a daily basis, the least we can do is provide helpful tips and seamless service to allow for a stress free move.