Five Great Things About Moving

Five Great Things About MovingWe talk all the time about the stresses of moving and tips on how to make a move easier on you and your family. But there are so many wonderful things about moving and starting over that often get swept under the rug in all the craziness. Staying positive is such an important piece of advice for those in the process of moving so in honor of that golden rule, I thought it would be fun to share five really great things about moving.

To be totally honest, I never focused on the positive aspects of moving until I started working in the industry and learning how to do it right. It sounds funny, to say there is a “right” way to move, but there really is. Careful planning, organization, and proper packing make all the difference in your experience and it wasn’t until I learned that moving took more than throwing all of your things in bags and boxes and lugging it to your new home that I was able to see the best aspects of the process. So, in an effort to help all of you make the realization faster than I did, I want to share my five favorite things about moving.

1. De-Cluttering: You can look at de-cluttering as an annoying process, or you can look at it as a trip down memory lane and a way to organize your life. I don’t know about you but clutter and mess makes me anxious and edgy. I can’t focus in a messy environment and who wants to bring something that drags them down into a new home? Nobody. Take the time to go through every room in your house and either throw away or donate things that you no longer need or use. A simple rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it.

2. Starting Fresh: A new home in a new city with new people around you is so exciting! You can turn your new home into something totally different than your last one. But moving isn’t just a fresh start in a design aspect, it’s a fresh start for you mentally as well. You can be whoever you want to be in a city of strangers who will soon be friends!

3. New People: Speaking of those strangers who will soon be friends, they are a great part of moving in and of themselves. Every new person brings something different to the table. You have all these new opportunities to learn something and network both personally and professionally. And don’t sell yourself short – you do the same for them!

4. New Culture: You don’t need to move overseas to experience a change in culture. Think about it. Living in a big city is totally different than living in a coastal town. Different regions have different popular foods, different ways of saying things, different work ethics, and a different atmosphere overall. I’ve moved from New York to Delaware to Florida and things went from hectic to calm to super calm. I never thought I’d enjoy living somewhere with such a laid back vibe but it turns out, I absolutely love it. Which brings me to my last point …

5. Learning about yourself: No matter how old you are or how many life experiences you’ve had, you can always learn something new about yourself. Like I said, I had no idea how much I’d enjoy living the easy going, no rush, beach town life. I tend to get bored easily and kind of antsy. But instead of feeling anxious, I’ve felt more relaxed and happy than ever before. That’s a pretty great discovery if you ask me.

I know moving is stressful and it’s definitely a lot of work. But it’s so important to stay positive throughout the process. If you ever find yourself struggling and starting to question whether or not you can handle your upcoming move, think about these five points and then come up with two more of your own. I promise it will make you feel better and re-capture the excitement that you should feel about your move.