Where Are College Graduates Moving?


Where are College Graduates MovingLast week we talked about how college graduations were right around the corner and how many new graduates would be considering relocation offers for the start of their career. Well, over the weekend, a lot of those graduations commenced and now recent grads are preparing to move out of their college bubble and into the real world. There have been a ton of articles in the local papers lately about how young professionals are flocking to the South Tampa and Saint Petersburg area in Florida and it got me wondering, where else are Millennials moving? Specifically, where are these new college graduates moving now that they’ve completed their education?

Back in October, City Observatory published a report that shows us that the main cities that recent college grads are fleeing to include some expected, like New York City and Washington, D.C. but also some unexpected like Nashville and Salt Lake City. But specific city names only scratch the surface of the answer to my question. New young professionals are not only moving to major cities, but they’re moving into the heart of major cities. Even in economically troubled urban centers like Buffalo and Cleveland, the percentage of the population ranging from 23 to 34 years old is on the rise.

It’s interesting because as a whole, Americans have grown less likely to move but young, college educated people are moving almost more often than not. In fact, about a million cross state lines every single year. Because of this, about 25 percent more young college graduates live in major metropolitan areas today than just fifteen years ago in 2000.
So what is it about major city centers that attract recent college grads?


1. Culture: Urban centers offer amazing diversity and cultural experiences. In a way, they’re like the college environment of adulthood. You have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and try things you may not have access to in a suburban environment from ethnic cooking classes to new trend fitness classes.

2. Entertainment: There’s no time for boredom in a major metropolitan area because something is always going on. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, big cities offer an array of activities for entertainment. Between the cultural aspect and entertainment aspects alone, a recent college grad is provided with endless opportunities to create a social circle.

3. Public Transportation/Walkability: There is no question that living in a big city is expensive. But young college grads are willing to make certain sacrifices, including owning a car, to make it work. With multiple forms of cheap public transportation and the ability to walk to many places, a car isn’t really necessary. This usually isn’t even a big adjustment since most college students don’t keep a car on campus anyway.


The busy summer moving season is starting now and a large portion of those moving in America are recent college graduates. According to recent studies, most of these grads are looking to move into the hearts of major cities all over the country and it makes sense. Urban centers offer tons of benefits to young people just out of school and can alleviate some of the shock factor of leaving that amazing college bubble they’ve been living in for the past four years.