Five Reasons to Move to New Jersey


5 Reasons to Move To New JerseyWe recently published a post that went over the 2014 National Movers Study conducted by United Van Lines that taught us that 65 percent of moves originated in New Jersey were outbound moves. While the study proves that many people chose to move to a more affordable housing market and stable economy, it also told us that 25 percent of those who moved out of New Jersey did so because of their retirement, so there are a few different factors at play here. Regardless of the outbound moving trend that New Jersey (and much of the northeast in general) has seen over the past few years, there are still tons of reasons why moving IN to New Jersey is a great idea!


I found an article that I really enjoyed earlier that listed 28 reasons to live in the Garden State. Most of the reasons listed are food or entertainment related which is of course, fine by me. However, I wanted to take a little time and go a more serious route today. Good food and fun bars aside, below are my top five reasons to move to New Jersey.

1. Transportation/Travel: Did you know that New Jersey is home to the largest highway and railroad system in our country? It makes sense really since the state lies between both NYC and Philadelphia but, still, that’s pretty impressive considering its size. Plus, you’re never too far from Newark Airport for your international travel needs or Trenton Airport where you can usually find really great local travel deals.

2. Vacation Options: Usually when we think of a vacation, we think of some form of trip that involves a decent amount of travel. But in Jersey, you can go to one of its many for a few days or a few weeks without having to book a flight or get through security lines. New Jersey has more than 50 resort cities that cater to people with varying interests.

3. Diversity: No, not everybody in New Jersey is like the cast from Jersey Shore (did you know most of that crew is from Staten Island, New York anyway? Not that I’m hating on New York, that’s my home state, I’m just saying). The Garden State actually houses quite a bit of ethnic diversity in addition to religious diversity.

4. Full Service Gas Stations: Okay so this one may seem silly. But, once you’ve experienced affordable gas prices WITH gas pumping service, it’s hard to go back. Not only do full service gas stations exist but it’s actually against the law to serve yourself, so stay in your cars! This is great for two reasons: you don’t have to get out of your car to fill your tank and it creates so many jobs! Win, win.

5. Shopping: There are more shopping malls per square mile in New Jersey than anywhere else in the US. Boom. If you aren’t a shopaholic like me, than this probably isn’t a huge selling point for you. But, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume this excites you as much as it excites me. From designer brands to outlet discounts you can get whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Though I am not a Jersey girl, that doesn’t mean I don’t have love for the state! Give credit where credit is due. Moving into New Jersey definitely has it’s merits!