Who is Moving Where? Trends from 2014 National Movers Study


Migration Map

Photo credit: 2014 National Movers Study

At the close of every year, for the past 38 years, United Van Lines conducts a National Movers Survey to uncover migration patterns from state to state. I always find the survey to be very interesting and had a particular curiosity about it this time around since I myself moved out of state. So where are people moving to? Where are they moving from? And why are they moving?

According to the 2014 survey, Oregon holds the title for “Top Moving Destination.” In fact, 66 percent of moves to or from the state were inbound. In other words, the majority of people that moved in 2014 that originated in Oregon, stayed in Oregon. This is about a five percent increase from last year, though Oregon held the “Top Moving Destination” for 2013 as well. Following Oregon are South and North Carolina, in that order, both experiencing 61 percent of inbound moves.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the northeast is experiencing somewhat of an exodus. Sixty-five percent of the moves from New Jersey, for example, were outbound. Similarly, New York and Connecticut saw 64 and 57 percent outbound moves respectively. That puts all three states at the top of the outbound list for the third year in a row. Looks like I’m not the only one who got sick of the harsh winters!

In an additional survey, United explored some of the reasons that their customers are moving or have moved in the past year. The northeast region of the US had the highest amount of people moving due to retirement. In fact, more than 25 percent of those asked said that their reason for relocating was for retirement. This could be a big playing factor as to why NJ, NY, and CT have seen such high volumes of outbound moves. What’s more interesting is that the “Mountain West” saw the highest number of retired individuals moving in, with one in three survey respondents claiming they moved to the region to retire.

With a stabilizing economy and lower housing costs, the southern and some western states have noticed an influx of movement. It’s no wonder these areas are attractive to retirees since on top of affordable housing, the climate is milder and more desirable.

United is the nation’s largest household goods mover and has been tracking both inbound and outbound moves for almost four decades. Check out their full study break down to see where your home state lies.