Annual Winter Moving Tips


winter moving tipsLast year, around this time, we provided a list of helpful articles and posts for those of you moving during the holiday season, as well as those of you moving during the winter season in general. Well, it’s that time of year again, so I want to take some time to remind you of my top five winter moving tips. The snow, cold, and ice add stress to our day to day lives without adding a move on top of it. But life doesn’t stop because the weather gets bad and so it’s important to know how to keep everything under control during your move.
Below are my five favorite winter/holiday moving tips ranging from dealing with inclement weather to how to protect your home on moving day along with a few things in between. If you have experience moving during this time of year, please feel free to add your favorite tips in the comments below.

1. Salt your driveway and walkways: Not only will this help your movers, but it’ll help you too. You’ve got your delicate glassware and your wedding china packed up perfectly – you don’t want to watch it get thrown as your mover slips on a patch of black ice. And more importantly, you want to protect yourself, your family, and your movers from injury. There’s a ton of in and out on moving day so it’s best to prevent slippery walkways.

2. Remember mover responsibilities: A quality mover will come prepared to protect your floors and furniture with cardboard, plastic, and moving blankets. But to be sure, talk to your move coordinator before moving day. If you are a homeowner, you certainly don’t want any salt or snow induced damage to your floors before you are able to sell. And if you’re a renter, you want to make sure everything stays in good condition so you can get your security deposit back.

3. Dress accordingly: As I mentioned in tip #1, there is a lot of going in and out of your home on moving day. Your front door will likely be left open which means that heat will escape and it will be cold. The last thing you need is to catch a cold or worse, the flu, while you’re at the peak of your move. Be sure your kids stay warm too! The only thing harder than moving while you are coping with an illness, is moving when you are caring for your children who are coping with an illness.

4. Prep your new home: Depending on your specific situation, your new home may need some preparation before the movers arrive with your things. Arrive early, turn on the heat, and salt the paths here as well. The sun sets early during this time of year and it may be helpful to arrive before the sun goes down and check everything out. Inform your mover about what the parking situation is like. Do you have a driveway that will be cleared? Is there street parking available? Is the street wide enough for a moving truck or will they need to deliver in a shuttle? All of these questions should be answered prior to moving day.

5. Mark your boxes clearly: This is always important. But it’s even more important during the holiday season, especially if you have young children. If you’re moving before the holidays hit, you’ll likely be packing up all of “Santa’s” gifts. Mark these boxes in a way that will remind you to avoid opening them in front of the kids and keep them hidden until the big day.

Sure, the busy moving season has passed for the year, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people working hard and planning moves over the winter! While inclement weather can definitely make moving a bit trickier, there are still several things you can do to ensure a seamless move. In addition to the tips listed above, what advice do you have for somebody moving during the winter and holiday season?