Household Cleaning with Vinegar


cleaning with vinegarSeveral weeks ago I wrote a post about the five effective household cleaners you probably already have. Today I want to focus on one of those in particular. White vinegar may just be an absolute miracle worker. My boyfriend and I are making our final preparations to move out of Tampa and into St. Petersburg so I have been spending a ton of time cleaning to make sure we get our security deposit back. After having success with the vinegar and dishwasher trick listed in the post mentioned above, I decided to check out Pinterest to see what other secrets were out there.
In my search, I found about ten uses for white vinegar and I tried them all. Listed below are the three that worked the best for me in my cleaning efforts. I even passed them along to a friend who is getting ready to move as well and got similar feedback from her. Try them out for yourself and then share your opinion in the comments.

1. Microwave Cleaner: Mix one to two cups of water with two tablespoons of vinegar in a microwave safe cup or bowl. Microwave for 5 minutes. Any grime or residue that may be lingering will wipe clean with one swipe of a paper towel. I was skeptical at first but believe me, this works. My microwave hasn’t sparkled like this since the day I bought it.

2. Refrigerator Cleaner: For this one you’ll need a spray bottle, an empty Windex bottle will work or anything of the sort, hot water, and white vinegar – of course. Cleaning out the refrigerator is one of my least favorite chores. It’s amazing what you don’t notice until you take everything, including the shelves and drawers, out of your refrigerator. Mix the hot water and vinegar in the spray bottle, spray liberally over all surfaces, let sit for a minute or two and then, like the microwave trick, spills wipe clean with one quick swipe. Once everything is cleaned up, wipe dry and you’re done!

3. Toaster Oven: Okay I lied, cleaning the refrigerator is a cake walk compared to cleaning out the toaster oven. You know what I’m talking about – fallen crumbs that become burned, melted and burnt cheese from when your boyfriend/husband/children made a snack and didn’t clean up what dripped beneath the rack. Vinegar to the rescue again. Remove the rack and the bottom pan, soak in hot water and then use a toothbrush to scrub with a vinegar and baking soda mixture. Make a second mixture with vinegar, lemon paste, and baking soda and use that to scrub the (unplugged) interior of the oven.

Cleaning is a drag but we all have to do it, before a move, after a move, and on a regular basis. It helps to have some tricks up your sleeve to make it a little easier. So whether you’re moving or not, give the tips listed above a try and let me know what you think in the comments. Or better yet, share any secrets that you have.