How to Pick the Perfect Home


How to Pick the Perfect Home 1

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Today’s post is a guest post by Kal Elfarro, General Manager for Canadian General Contractors Group (CGC) in Ottawa. In addition to managing home remodels, Kal blogs about housing, renovation and even moving. 

Every year, we help Canadian homeowners turn their houses into perfect abodes. Throughout our many years of experience, we’ve noticed a continuous pattern of what features are the most important and desirable in a home. If you’re hunting for a new place, try using our handy guide below to ensure that you pick the house that will satisfy your needs.

Interior Space

Are there enough rooms for you and your family, or will some of them have to share rooms?

How to Pick the Perfect Home 2

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Is sharing an ideal option? Don’t underestimate your family’s need for privacy in this matter. Additionally, the house you choose should have room for any future children or family members you may be expecting. Whether it’s an in-law suite for an aging parent, or a nursery for a little one on the way, it’s important that the rooms accommodate future needs as well as current ones.

Storage is something many forget when considering a new home. You’ll want to make sure that your belongings will actually fit in the house upon move-in. If you’re a clotheshorse, don’t assume that a cramped 2’x4’ closet will suffice. And if you’re a minimalist, walk-in closets and a storage basement may just be a waste of space.

Kitchens and dining areas are often the focal points of a home, so they should be carefully considered when looking at a new place. If you love to cook and entertain dinner guests, don’t settle for a house with an ill-equipped kitchen and tiny dining room.


Yard Space

Like with interior space, you want to make sure that the yard space is something you’ll use and be able to maintain. If you enjoy spending your time outdoors, and can handle the mowing and landscaping required for general upkeep, a big yard may be a dream come true. Not so much if you prefer to stay indoors.

The distance of the house from the road is also important. If too close, you’ll be dealing with traffic noise, and may feel a lack of privacy. Too far, and you can feel unsafe or alienated from the community.

Bear in mind that fencing, pools, spas, ponds, and other barriers and water features are big considerations if you have children or pets. To keep them safe, you’ll need a house with proper fencing along the property and any places where a fall may be dangerous.

How to Pick the Perfect Home 3

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If your candidate home is located in a good neighborhood and has great features, it is likely to only increase in value as time goes on. Taking on some renovations can also help increase the value of the house, which is very useful when it comes to future resale.

On the topic of renovations, if all the house needs is a small renovation to be perfect, it may still be a good idea to buy. Especially if other homes with the feature you want are more expensive. You’ll be able to get a customized installation made to your liking.

Did you find the perfect home? Please share your story below.