Seven Great Things about Moving

I love moving. I’ve moved around my whole life (seven times, but who’s counting?) and I still find it fun. Maybe I have a thirst for adventure – or maybe it’s because I know a great moving company – but I’ve always found moving to be more fun than stressful. Of course, when I tell people this they think I’m crazy.

It is very easy to get discouraged when you are bogged down with details about the physical act of getting from point A to point B. I understand. But, I prefer to stay positive. If you focus on the big picture, you will open yourself up to all the great things moving can bring to your life. Here are seven things I love about moving:

  • A fresh start. There are few things in life that give us a chance to start anew both physically and emotionally. Moving is one of them. Whether it’s creating a new design for your future space, or re-inventing yourself in a new town, you can decide exactly how you want your life to be in the new location and then work to make it happen.
  • De-cluttering your world. We all get bogged down with stuff. Mess makes us anxious. Clutter takes away from the beauty of space. There is no good reason to move it. Go through every room and throw out or donate things you haven’t used in a year. Not only will you feel better and be more organized in the new home, but you will also save money on your moving bill.
  • Organization. If you are anything like me, organization is easier in theory than practice. Moving not only forces you to organize, but it also makes it easier because you can start with a clean slate. Just think about how nice your new home is going to be with tidy drawers and closets!
  • Tapping your inner explorer. If you to like to explore, this is the fun part. New restaurants, new bars, new parks, new shops…new everything! I like to take a few days, both weekends and weekdays, to learn the neighborhood and get sense of the community. If you are not a natural explorer, push yourself to get out. At the very least you will feel more settled knowing where things are.
  • Meeting new people. Who doesn’t love to make new friends? Meeting new people can bring about new friendships for you and/or your family. It can also help you uncover new opportunities.
  • Learning new cultures. Whether you are moving internationally, or from the city to the suburbs, you are going to face a new culture. I love this part because I always learn something new that is helpful in my own life. When I moved from New York City to the Pennsylvania country side, I learned how to slow down. Now I don’t get panic attacks anymore when I’m running 5 minutes late. This is AWESOME.
  • Getting to know yourself. Moving, whether by yourself or with your family, pushes you out of your comfort zone and teaches you things you never knew about yourself or your loved ones. I had a lot of down time after my last move because I left my friends behind and I didn’t know many people in Pennsylvania. It really forced me to see myself through my own lens. I came to some pretty poignant conclusions about my life and what I really want and I’m stronger today for it. You can be too.

Staying positive is the key to a successful move. These are just a few of the many great things about moving that I have experienced over the years. How about you? What would you add to this list to help others have a positive moving experience?

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(photo courtesy Buildingmesoftly)