I Dream of Moving to…

I dream of moving to ...This past weekend I was visiting a friend of mine in Chicago. He’s been living there on a job assignment for the past six months. He told me all about his experience living in the Windy City and even admittedto feeling sad that his assignment is coming to an end this week (hard to believe, given how cold it is in Chicago!). Of course, this led to a discussion about our favorite US cities. Where would we move to if we could just pick up and go?

I had some ideas. Savannah, Georgia has long been on my list. The classic southern charm and beautiful Spanish Moss makes me happy. But, then I realized that I really haven’t experienced enough of theUnited States to be 100 percent sure. As we tossed around ideas and opinions, I remembered something I had read a few months ago. The Census Bureau created a free app that can match your values with the perfect US city. Fun, right?!

The app, called dwellr, asks the user a series of questions and allows you to rank the importance of certain characteristics. The app uses the following information to create a list of the top 25 US cities that match the users’ individual tastes:

  • Demographics
  • Socio-economic statistics and
  • Housing statistics

Questions include preference between large or small cities and desired educational level of the majority of the population among several others.

As it turns out, Savannah, Georgia is on the list of the 25 best places for me to live in the United States and Chicago was named on my friend’s list. The rest of my list sounded good to me as well. So overall, my first impression of the app was a positive one.

Most people aren’t in a position to just pick up and move where a mobile app tells you to go but, hey, you never know! I have some friends who are looking for a change who may be interested in giving it a shot. Even if you aren’t planning a move any time soon,  have a little fun…who doesn’t like to daydream?

If you could move anywhere in the United States, where would you go? Share your ideas in the comments below!